Hi there. We’re HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy is the worldwide leader in inbound education. As the training division of HubSpot Inc., HubSpot Academy serves marketing and sales professionals with free training for the digital age.

As the price of education increases and vocational skills become a requirement for today’s rapidly changing business environment, HubSpot Academy aims to support the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Education movement by providing free education to the masses.

Our team of 18 professors, program managers, video producers, web designers, and course marketers works together to create interactive and educational experiences for students around the world, in multiple languages and disciplines. We believe in a “flip the classroom” model, wherein students watch lectures individually, and join in group discussion (online or in-person) to facilitate their learning.

Courses range from five to twelve 30-45 minute classes, delivered online or via mobile to be schedule-friendly for the modern professional or student. Classes are updated regularly to reflect the fast-changing skill requirements of today’s top digital marketers and sales professionals, vastly outpacing traditional education programs.

Not only do our students learn valuable inbound digital marketing and sales methodologies, they put them into practice with graded practicums. HubSpot Academy certifications are used by hiring managers and recruiters to identify elite professionals, assuring our graduates see career placement and advancement results from their enrollment.

With over 60,000 students that have passed our certification course since 2013, HubSpot Academy certifications are the official badge of the inbound marketing movement. We aim to educate and inspire people so that we, together, can transform the way the world does business.

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