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Course participant reviews for Hard Hat Training

Average rating 4.8

Based on 738 reviews.

Karl K
An awesome content. One thing… right at the end of the course, I was not sure how to get to the written exam. A link to the exam would have been useful. However, the course is very well put together.
Roberto A
Easy to follow and informative. Had issues with the E learning on Mac but whenn i switched to Windows was fine
John H
Good training. More real life situation examples would be good.
Lonnie A
I would like to see questions that are less redundant and require more thought or consideration. Making it a little harder and provide more specific information regarding proper operation
Jennifer T
Jamaine P
It's very educational teaching you do's and don'ts while operating equipment . Gives you the stepping stones to become a safer operator .
Luciano I
Great traoning. A couple suggestions… The voiceover should be at a constant volume. A few questions need re-wording
Jacob H
Great training. If there was a more detail on using notches when tree felling, that would be beneficial.
Richard W
Too much emphasis on roof fall protection, very few employees in this company work on roofs with any frequency.
Braeden G
very good but volume varies between slides very frustrating questions are asked in the wrong order. a question will be asked before the information has been given
Emma H
I believe everything was done well. information and little quizzes throughout help to retain the information learned.
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