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Course participant reviews for Hard Hat Training

Average rating 4.8

Based on 738 reviews.

Todd M
Great experience. Learned a lot that i did not know about rf exposure and how to limit it.
Dwayne B
I found the skit steer education, and training to be knowledgeable, and certainly worth the cost thank you.
Natel H
Harvey M
I had a hard time accessing my final exam. I had to go through the support desk in order for my account to allow me to access the final exam once I had finished my segments. Otherwise, it was very easy to use.
Brendan P
Todd M
Great experience. I learned a lot that i did not know about rf exposure and how to limit it.
Daniel O
Good content and training but at the end when you finish watching the videos it doesn't say that you need to take the final exam, when you press next it just says that you can leave the content now, I was under the impression that my training was over, then the next day it was still in progress, and had to figure out that final exam was needed, ...
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Tyler D
This course barely covered fire extinguishers, it was mostly about heavy equipment....
Ryan F
Great content but something happened... I was not done watching the entire course before I was put in the exam. I paused it and then when I came back I was in the test and I haven't learned a few parts. I will try to re-watch anyway.
David D
Straight forward material, easy to follow. No major improvements needed.
Joelma B
It would be better if the person who is reading can read slower and the time we need to go from one lesson to another is faster.
Don N
Overall good chainsaw training. A suggestions I would like to see a live demo video of cutting and felling techniques in action.
Wayne L
I thought the course was excellent but I often see that their is no reference to what is considered a lockout that needs to be done over again because something needs to be added to the lockout due to the scope of work being performed (work has not started yet) and work being performed and it was locked out incorrectly weather it be a missing si...
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Aaron M
Was a great course. Maybe include some knowledge on the best technique to actually fall a tree.
Ryan R
Good training, also this course is a lot better than the Electrical safety training system course. It was very interesting and the scenarios really put things into a clear perspective.


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