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Real Estate Investment and Development

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8 weeks
8 weeks
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Course description

Real Estate Investment and Development

Earn an official certificate of professional achievement from Rice University.

Gain the insight to make more informed commercial real estate investment and development decisions.

Who should attend?

This Course is for You if:

  • You want a holistic understanding of the commercial real estate landscape, including both investment and development opportunities
  • You want to understand the full development process and learn how to make informed commercial real estate development decisions
  • You need to gain the specific financial tools and techniques required to assess the feasibility of a commercial real estate investment

Training content

Over the duration of this online short course, you’ll work your way through the following modules:

Module 1: The logic behind real estate investment decisions

Explore why investors choose to invest in real estate, what risks they are exposed to, and how the return on a real estate investment is calculated.

Module 2: The factors affecting real estate value

Examine how the value of income-generating properties is determined, learn more about different property types and investors, and compare the historical performance of real estate to that of other assets.

Module 3: The real estate system and the developer

Learn how the real estate development process works, who the different stakeholders involved are, and which phases this process consists of.

Module 4: Property level evaluation

Examine the role of rental income in valuing property investments by exploring aspects related to leases, and completing a cash flow proforma.

Module 5: Leverage and the impact on risk and return

Establish the impact that debt funding has on a real estate investment’s risk and return, and how an investor can use leverage to increase their returns.

Module 6: Economic feasibility of a development project

Consider the factors impacting the real estate development decision, including cap rates, regulatory requirements and costs, among others

Module 7: Equity partners

Investigate the financing options available to real estate investors, and what the advantages and disadvantages are of entering into an equity partnership.

Module 8: Making investment decisions

Explore the practical aspects that have to be taken into consideration before deciding whether or not to enter into a real estate deal.

Course delivery details


  • 8 weeks excluding orientation
  • 7–10 hours per week, entirely online

Certification / Credits

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Insight into the development process including the multiple stages of commercial property development and the various stakeholders involved.
  • The ability to conduct a preliminary feasibility analysis in order to identify and analyze the commercial viability of real estate investments and developments.
  • An understanding of the property investment and return calculations used to analyze profitability such as IRR, NPV and WACC and instruments commonly used to finance commercial real estate assets.
  • The confidence to diversify your investment portfolio with commercial property assets through in depth knowledge of the commercial real estate ecosystem as a whole.

Why choose GetSmarter?

  • Data-driven course selection
  • Outcomes-based design
  • People-mediated delivery
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