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Euromoney Learning Solutions

Euromoney Learning Solutions

We develop bespoke learning experiences with the perfect blend of technologies and techniques to help you succeed.

An organisation’s ability to continuously learn and evolve rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage. To achieve your strategic goals, it is essential to invest in next generation learning experiences that are tailored to your organisation’s needs and challenges and use an optimised blend of learning technologies and techniques.

That’s where we come in. Our long-established background in corporate learning and position within the Euromoney Group enables us to design and deliver bespoke learning programmes that blend next generation learning technologies and techniques in a way that drives performance and inspires a culture of lifelong learning.

A global provider of training across all areas of finance and leadership development, we work with a team of 150 world-class experts to deliver practical, personal, and ROI-driven learning experiences. With substantial experience designing and developing completely customised, blended learning programmes for all levels of seniority, from Boardroom to front line, we have worked with 95% of the world’s top corporate and investment banks to deliver state-of-the-art training to more than 1 million professionals in the last 5 years in 150+ countries around the world.

Training delivered by Euromoney Learning Solutions

Classroom / Public
Business and Management
Risk Management Length Price Location Reviews
Building Risk Culture 3 days 3,645 GBP London
Commodity Price Risk Management 3 days 4,454 USD Multiple (2)
London School of Bank Risk Management 5 days 4,995 GBP London
The London School of Commodity Price Risk Management 5 days 4,454 USD Multiple (2)
An Introduction to Upstream Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis 4 days 4,195 GBP London
African Project Finance Academy 5 days 3,745 GBP Johannesburg
Aircraft Leasing 3 days 3,395 GBP Dublin
Aviation Finance 4 days 4,195 GBP London
Chief Operating Officer 5 days 5,275 GBP London
Corporate Finance School: Legal Issues 5 days 4,995 GBP Multiple (2)
Corporate Governance 4 days 2,880 USD Multiple (3)
Finance & Contract Analysis for Independent Power Projects 4 days 4,195 USD Multiple (4)
Islamic Finance Academy 10 days 6,995 GBP Dubai
LME 3-day Introductory Course 3 days 1,400 USD Multiple (4)
Loan Documentation 3 days 4,454 USD Multiple (3)
London School of Bonds & Fixed Income Products 5 days 5,595 USD Multiple (3)
PPP Project Finance & Infrastructure 3 days 4,454 USD Multiple (4)
School of Bonds & Fixed Income 5 days 5,595 USD Multiple (3)
Strategic Thinking, Influencing & Implementation 3 days Dubai
Financial Modeling
Economic Analysis, Financing & Modelling for Renewable Energy 5 days 4,995 GBP Multiple (2)
Financial Risk Management
Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis 4 days 4,195 GBP Multiple (2)
Chief Risk Officer (CRO) program 5 days 5,295 GBP London
Active Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation 4 days 3,495 GBP Singapore
Advanced Loan Documentation 3 days 3,795 USD Multiple (3)
Debt Capital Markets 3 days 3,395 GBP London
SME Banking Masterclass 4 days 5,595 USD Multiple (3)
Law and Legal
17th African School for International Financial Law 5 days 3,495 GBP Cape Town
General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer (CLO) program 5 days 4,995 GBP London
CFO Strategy & Leadership program 5 days 5,295 GBP London
High Performance Leadership program 5 days 5,275 GBP Multiple (2)

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