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People learn by themselves each day.

Using google or youtube to watch a video before a presentation to improve a presentation or listening to a podcast for having a better impact on their meetings. Today, 73% of the labor pool across GenZ, Millennials, GenX, and Boomers prefer independent self-directed learning. (2019 Workplace Learning Report). Companies need to adapt to have a more effective learning strategy and to follow this self-learning part.

Edflex is a unique solution that helps companies build a new learning experience through curated and customized training catalogs consisting of the best resources available on the internet. To no longer make learning a constraint on the employee and L&D managers, Edflex uses the current codes of digital use, to facilitate access to training and its follow-up.

Edflex clients use the solution to provide the best content available in the native language, updated daily, to improve engagement, curiosity, and self-learning in their organization. It allows them to save time because they don’t search for the right content at the right time and people.

“Edflex is an innovative and efficient tool to develop new skills at your own pace, learn new concepts and maintain a learning dynamic in your company." 
- Thierry VAUDELIN, Director of Talent and Temporary Careers at Manpower France

“Edflex offers a new way of learning. Learners decide how they want to learn in order to develop their skills. Thanks to a wide range of resources, continuous updates and certifying courses, the content catalog allows employees to become actors of their personal development.”
- Sophie BEAUROPERT, Senior Manager Learning & Talent Development, Generali.

The ambition of Edflex is to reimagine Learning in the Flow of Work by…

  1. Adapting to the growing need for self-directed learning,
  2. Providing instant access to qualified and relevant content to meet an immediate learning need without waiting for formalized training to take place,
  3. Connecting with everyday tools: LMS/LXP and the entire business ecosystem to fully integrate hard and soft skills training on a daily basis.

The objective is to make self-directed, continuous learning a natural reflex for every employee in an organization and to help L&D managers to follow and report the self-learning process in their company instead of just following the KPIs on formal learning.

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