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Business Storytelling: Presenting a Compelling Narrative

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Course description

Business Storytelling: Presenting a Compelling Narrative

You have noticed that most of your colleagues can present and get a message across, but are not very engaging. Your senior executives are frustrated at their inability to command a room in client-facing meetings.

Even if the team knows their material, they often fail to make the emotional impact that would really sell the idea. Without a strong narrative or story to tie it all together, clients and stakeholders are left skeptical, critical, or just unimpressed.

Your people need storytelling skills.

This training program gives your team the critical framework for composing a compelling story, the rhetorical devices and techniques to make their ideas memorable, and the rigorous practice exercises to strengthen their delivery.

All content is customized to your team’s specific goals and challenges with storytelling and presentation skills.

Story Structure

Successful storytelling in business begins with a clear and organized structure. Participants learn the types of narrative arcs that have been most successful with audiences. They learn and practice creating story outlines that make otherwise dry informational content lively and engaging.

Videos of effective storytellers from corporate and non-corporate backgrounds are watched and broken down. Their technique, word choice and delivery are analyzed.

Strategic Use of Emotions

The appropriate use of emotional language and emotional delivery will greatly enhance your team’s stories and presentation skills.

Participants learn emotional intelligence and how to strategically exhibit enthusiasm, seriousness and warmth.

They learn how and when to demonstrate excitement, convey the gravity of a situation, and adjust their pacing, vocal pitch and nonverbal communication to have their desired effect on their audiences.

Anecdotes and Personal Experiences

Your team should not just be able to craft a large story. They should also be capable of incorporating small anecdotes and experiences from work into their larger presentations.

Participants learn how and when to introduce mini-stories into their presentations. They practice ideating and brainstorming on useful anecdotes and personal stories. And they rehearse their delivery, while receiving feedback and guidance.

Training Program Features:

-Video recordings to help participants see their strengths and weaknesses from an objective point of view

-Instruction on storytelling concepts

-Practice drills, exercises, role-plays and feedback

-Transcription of practice speeches and word-for-word analysis for speaking speed, information density, and other metrics

-Plus additional features to facilitate transformative growth

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This course content can be delivered for individual students or teams. All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced.

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