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Mental Health Awareness

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Mental health awareness is crucial in today's world, where mental illnesses are increasingly prevalent and often misunderstood. This course aims to shed light on the importance of addressing mental health issues in the workplace, combating stigma, and providing support to employees and co-workers. Through its modules, participants will learn to recognize signs of mental health disorders, substance abuse, and grief, while developing strategies to create an open and supportive culture. Additionally, the course explores the negative impacts of stigma and offers guidance on navigating difficult conversations with empathy and respect, ultimately promoting a healthier and more inclusive work environment.

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Training content

We have five  courses available in this Mental Health Awareness series that focus on:

1. How to Support Your Team’s Mental Health

Learn about the true cost of mishandling mental health—and the clear benefits of addressing it in the workplace. You’ll also explore reflection questions to help you better support your team’s mental health. Develop strategies for creating a culture of openness and trust. Evaluate challenges in implementing supportive mental health policies and practices.

2. Raising Awareness: Supporting Co-workers with Mental Health Disorders

Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of common mental health disorders and get tips for supporting co-workers who may be in crisis. Learn strategies for advocating for better mental health policies and support from employers. Develop skills for navigating difficult conversations about mental health with empathy and respect.

3. Combating Stigma and Misconceptions About Mental Health

Understand how stigma creates a culture of shame, ignorance, and silence surrounding mental health. First, you’ll explore what mental health stigma is, where it comes from, and how it impacts people living with mental health conditions. Then, you’ll learn how to combat stigma and replace mental health myths with facts. Evaluate the negative impacts of mental health stigma on individuals' well-being and help-seeking behaviors.

4. Recognizing the Signs of Employee Substance Abuse at Work

Discover what substance abuse is, how to recognize signs of it, and how to help a colleague struggling with substance abuse with competence and compassion. Recognize the legal and financial implications of substance abuse for both individuals and organizations, including potential safety risks and regulatory compliance issues. Learn how to promote mental health and substance abuse awareness in the workplace.

5. Supporting Grieving Employees or Co-worker

Discover what to say—and what not to say—to a grieving co-worker, as well as how to offer support and compassion. Learn how to navigate the difficult—and often delicate—task of supporting employees through grief. Avoid common misconceptions and pitfalls, such as using cliches or making assumptions, by practicing empathetic and non-intrusive communication. Recognize the long-term impact of grief on mental health and job performance.

Why choose Chart Learning Solutions?

Chart Learning Solutions strives to help organizations and individuals apply the skills in their professional development. This ensures that individuals perform at optimal levels of productivity. Our innovative hybrid learning methodology will:

  • Increase team and employee engagement
  • Provide employee accountability
  • Accelerate positive behavioural changes
  • Improve skill competencies and levels of professionalism
  • Promote positive cultural change

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