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Employee ethics is a fundamental pillar of a healthy and successful organization. This comprehensive course delves into the importance of ethical conduct, addressing critical issues employees face. Through modules on appropriate use of company assets, reporting unethical behavior, avoiding motivated ignorance, minimizing gossip and plagiarism, overcoming rationalizations in decision-making, and resolving ethical dilemmas, participants will gain a thorough understanding of ethical principles and their practical application. By promoting accountability, responsibility, and a strong ethical foundation, this course empowers employees to uphold organizational values, foster a positive work environment, and maintain the integrity essential for long-term growth and success.

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We have five  courses available in this Employee Ethics series that focus on:

1. Appropriate Use of Company Assets & Reporting Unethical Behavior at Work

We will delve into the importance of ethically managing company assets and the protocols for reporting unethical behavior at work. Learn about the importance of reporting unethical conduct at work. First, we’ll address five reasons people fail to report unethical behavior. Then, you’ll learn five steps for reporting unethical behaviors promptly and effectively.

2. Motivated Ignorance and How to Avoid it

Learn why we sometimes choose motivated ignorance, why it’s dangerous, and what questions we can ask ourselves to avoid it. Explore the importance of accountability mechanisms in upholding employee ethics and strategies for implementing effective accountability measures.

3. Minimizing Gossip in the Workplace and Understand Plagiarism

Understand what can be classified as gossip in the workplace, why we gossip, and how it can be harmful. We’ll also share five ways to stop gossiping cold. Learn why plagiarism is harmful. You’ll then be introduced to some common forms of plagiarism and learn how to avoid them.

4. Overcoming Rationalizations When Making Ethical Decisions

When we need to take action, we don’t always live up to our own ideals. We go with our instinct, ignore our conscience, or take the easy way out. Learn some common rationalizations we use to excuse our behavior, the conflict of interest that causes those rationalizations, and four tips to overcome them.

5. Ethical Dilemmas and How to Resolve Them

Learn what an ethical dilemma is, how a conflict of values causes it, and what five approaches you can follow to resolve these dilemmas. Explore the significance of ethical accountability and responsibility in the workplace and their implications for organizational culture and performance.

Why choose Chart Learning Solutions?

Chart Learning Solutions strives to help organizations and individuals apply the skills in their professional development. This ensures that individuals perform at optimal levels of productivity. Our innovative hybrid learning methodology will:

  • Increase team and employee engagement
  • Provide employee accountability
  • Accelerate positive behavioural changes
  • Improve skill competencies and levels of professionalism
  • Promote positive cultural change

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