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ACS has been developing resources and guiding students since 1979. We have developed over 600 online / distance education courses along with hundreds of Ebooks and a large number of short, interactive self-paced courses.

We continue to improve existing courses and develop new ones on a regular basis.

Established by John Mason, author of over 130 books, magazine editor, publisher, parks director, university and college lecturer recipient of fellowships from IOH (UK), AIH, and PLA (Australia).

ACS is an internationally-recognised college affiliated with over 18 other post-secondary institutions in several different countries, including both government-owned and nationally-recognised institutions.

Our courses are practical, enabling you to not only develop knowledge but to build the capacity to continue learning after your studies are completed.

Our courses are experiential; you learn from "'experts'" by being guided to see, do, think about and experience the things you study.

Why work with ACS Distance Education?

  • ACS has been leading the way in correspondence courses since 1979 and online education since 2005. 
  • We are the industry leaders in supplying high-end course content. 
  • ACS owns the entire, easy to use, learning system.
  • No extra fees or third-party contracts to run the courses.
  • ACS has its attention firmly focused on product development - revising existing products to be relevant and never stale whilst also creating new courses in demand (at least 1 a month).
  • The ACS academic team writing our courses are second to none; we have sourced industry leaders and top academics in their areas.
  • ACS have over 40 disciplines and hundreds of single courses to choose from - pick and choose what you wish to use
  • As an ACS affiliate, you don’t only get today’s courses – you will always have access to any new courses as we develop them. No extra fees, what we develop today, tomorrow, or in 5 years – you will have access to as long as you are an active affiliate. Never get stuck with stale content. we are always updating, revising, and increasing the content and courses on offer.
  • Create your own certificate level and above courses using single short 100hr courses (e.g. certificate in youth mental health). Need a particular subject or course for your college – we can help with that, we have over 40 academic staff able to assist develop incredible content when needed.
  • ACS has thousands of extra resources at your disposal –
    • we write and publish our own quality illustrated and annotated ebooks which you can use to sell or include to supplement courses, we offer small micro-credentials using a fully automated system and so much more.
    • ACS caters to a global education market - our courses are practical, enabling students to develop knowledge and build the capacity to continue learning after their studies are completed. students develop skills.
  • ACS believes in the success of our affiliates. we provide extensive support services to our affiliates ongoing. This includes assisting with finding tutors and or academic staff to mark assessments using our tutor register, online training support, etc.

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ACS Distance Education

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Phone no: +617 5562 1088