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Find professional training and development in Costa Rica. Those looking to enhance their skills and work towards career advancement in a desirable location look to training in Costa Rica. Courses are available for professionals in many formats including classroom and onsite learning
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More About Training in Costa Rica

Known as the country of peace, the Republic of Costa Rica is situated in Central America. It has a population of approximately 4.5 million people and is surrounded by two large bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The professional training industry is highly advanced in the region and some of the common courses offered include engineering, telecommunication, tourism and business management courses.

The Economy and Training in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s economy is comprised largely of the service sector with the remaining percentage being split between the manufacturing sector and the agricultural sector. Even though the percentage of the economy’s agricultural sector is relatively low, Costa Rica places high value on jobs within the industry. Professional development courses within these fields are always in demand and are increasing in value every day. In addition, providers in Costa Rica have been monitoring demand worldwide and have created courses that grow alongside technological advancement and the development of the tourism sector. Training also covers the main industries in Costa Rica that include insurance, telecommunication sectors, foreign direct investment, and tourism.

Training in Costa Rica: Course Content

Costa Rica is famous for its booming tourism industry, bringing in thousands of tourist every year with its vibrant wildlife, endless outdoor activities, and beautiful scenery. Training courses on content relating to tourism are, therefore, very popular. Spanish lessons are widely available in Costa Rica to those that need to brush up on their language skills or for those that would like to learn a new language. The health sector is also very active in Costa Rica; in response to this high demand, there are many health care courses available throughout the country. Similarly, courses in pharmacy, outsourcing, development of technology and software, and ecotourism are widely available in Costa Rica as the economy consists of large contributions from these industries.

Training in Costa Rica: Job Prospects

Costa Rica’s economy is very diverse in nature which makes it possible for people from different industries to find suitable jobs in their fields. Jobs such as these are very popular:

  • IT technician
  • Sourcing specialist
  • Business manager
  • Teacher
  • Assistant
  • Wildlife preserver
  • Volunteer in reforestation

In addition, those interested in getting involved in fields such as financial outsourcing, hospitality, tourism,  training, and language coaching. Enrolling in professional development training in Costa Rica allows professionals to enhance their skills and acquire new tactics. Browse through the list of online, classroom, and in-house training to find a course that fits your needs best.