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A quintessential software tool at the heart of every business, get trained in Office 365 to learn how to streamline and organize your team and outputs, on- and offline. Find a range of Office 365 training courses below and use the filters to find the best course for you!
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What is Office 365 Training? 

Get trained in Microsoft's exciting cloud-based platform to gain end-to-end fluency, take full advantage of the tools and softwares in your Office 365 subscription, and streamline and maximize your organization's use of a subscription package that is more powerful than you may realize. 

Microsoft Office has been at the core of many people's educational and business journeys, and basic competency in classic softwares like Word and Excel fill the 'skills' columns of resumes around the world. With the release of Office 365 platform in 2013, training in Office 365 will illustrate the limitless possibilities included in the service. Office 365 training will fundamentally change the way members of your organization interact with each other, streamline your business' processes, and maximize your potential growth.

What Will I Learn in Office 365 Training? 

Office 365 has developed its eminent softwares far past the days of simple ledger keeping and plain reporting. The capabilities of existing softwares has been maximized and developed, and the integration of the cloud into Office 365 has blown the opportunities for streamlining collaboration and sharing wide open. Office 365 training will teach you how to make the most of your potential, made possible through Office 365. 

From IT professionals to casual users and everyone in between, the benefits of Office 365 training can vary from a general overview of all aspects of the service, adding to your existing fluency in softwares, providing specific insights on one software, or helping you tailor use of the service to the particular needs of your business.

Depending on the training, some of the overall skills you may learn include (but are not limited to!):  

  • Deployment of Office 365 in your organization, 
  • Maximizing your existing use of, and collaboration between Office 365's programs in course-specific softwares like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Access and more, 
  • Jumpstarting your transition to the cloud to maximize productivity and collaboration between team members, different teams within your organization, and B2B, and,
  • Using and enabling Office 365 web-apps in conjunction with desktop apps and the cloud service.

The training offerings are diverse, browse and compare the courses above to find exactly the kind of Office 365 training you're looking for, learn something today! 

Formats for Office 365 Training

Classroom, E-learning and and on-site training are all effective ways to gain end-to-end fluency in Office 365. 

With classroom learning, a room full of learners will give trainees the space to compare best practices with colleagues and learn alongside other people. E-learning options will allow trainees to learn at their own pace and put their newly found skills into practice right away. On-site training can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and bring the comfort of a trainer to your doorstep, making Office 365 training a budget-friendly and personalized experience.  


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