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What is Machine Learning?

The Information Age that we are living in is fast-paced and crowded with data. Businesses that can harness that raw data into useful business information are the ones that will stay competitive and ahead of the game. This is where Machine Learning comes in.

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It focuses on enabling computers to access and analyze data and learn from it, so that if data is input into a machine, correct outputs can be found without needing a programmer to program it in. The computer will be able to establish statistical patterns, and then create its own algorithm to solve future similar problems.

Machine Learning falls into three main categories: Supervised Learning, where solutions are found through labelled data input; Unsupervised Learning, where solutions are found through unlabeled data input; and Reinforcement Learning, where computers learn through feedback in a reward-based learning environment.

Machine Learning Training Courses

In many Machine Learning Training Courses, will you be learning to understand real-world examples of Machine Learning so that you can implement it effectively into your own organization. This will be not only by understanding the technical and practical skills required, but by being able to explain technical constraints and business concerns to different groups of stakeholders.

In Machine Learning training courses, you might be exposed to skills such as:

  • Being able to differentiate fact from fiction on AI and machine learning topics
  • Being ready to have intelligent conversations about the state of AI and ML technologies
  • Being ready to navigate tool and technology stacks associated with AI and ML, and being able to communicate with your engineering team members about requirements, needs, talent and costs
  • Being able to design or manage projects and programs which may incorporate aspects of AI and ML
  • Being able to build and lead teams who bring together the requisite skill sets needed for effective AI and machine learning implementation

Who is Machine Learning Training for?

Machine Learning Training Courses vary. Introductory ones expect some knowledge of probability theory, statistics, some programming and ideally an introduction to artificial intelligence. These courses are suitable for anyone hoping to gain a clear understanding of how AI works and to get experience working with a number of applications. Other are more particular and use specific services such as Microsoft Azure. Some courses have specific programming language prerequisites in addition to an expected level of prior experience, so check carefully on course details before applying.  

Formats of Machine Learning Training

Classroom learning

Training with an instructor and your peers in a group context is a great way to learn! Course lengths and prices vary so you can be sure to get back to the classroom with the perfect course of your choice!  

Online Learning

Online learning options are available for those who want to fit in learning around their prior commitments. Some courses also offer free trials, so you can take the time to find your most preferred course with no commitments!

On-site training

If you would like to train a group of employees, why not opt for on-site training and have a qualified instructor come to your company? Minimum number of attendants sometimes apply so check carefully for details before applying.

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