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Frequently asked questions

  • E-learning or online training is a flexible and cost-effective training method that allows employees to expand their skill sets or get certified in skills they already possess. Courses are accessible via computers, smartphones, and tablets, enabling learners to study at their own pace and convenience.

  • Some of the most popular professional topics to study online include:

    • Time Management
    • Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning
    • Computer Programming
    • Graphic Design
    • Business and Management
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Online training offers several advantages:

    • Time-Saving and Cost-Effective: Eliminates travel and overhead costs, making it affordable.
    • Flexible: Many online courses can be taken at any time, fitting into your schedule.
    • Immediate Results: Evaluation and results are available quickly, often with printable certificates.
  • On-demand courses allow participants to create their own schedules. This option is ideal for busy professionals who need to learn new skills regularly but have irregular schedules. Learners can access course materials at any time that suits them.

  • Live webinars are scheduled online lectures that allow students to participate in real-time courses from anywhere in the world. This format combines the flexibility of online learning with the structure of a scheduled class.

  • Yes, online courses are generally cheaper than classroom-based learning because they eliminate travel, accommodation, and overhead costs. Some online courses may even be free.

  • Yes, many e-learning courses offer accredited programs that result in certifications and qualifications. These certificates can often be printed directly after course completion.

  • Yes, there are various types of online training, including:

    • Self-Paced On-Demand Courses: Flexible, self-paced learning.
    • Virtual Classroom Training: Scheduled lectures with real-time participation.
  • Yes, online courses are accessible from a variety of platforms, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to learn on the go.

  • Browse through the available e-learning and online training courses, considering factors such as your professional needs, schedule, and budget. You can request information from course providers to learn more about specific programs.