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Business Law Courses

Courses on offer are available either on-site or online. The business law courses are well suited to lawyers, HR, and in-house counsel professionals as well as bankers and anyone working in finance. 

Online Business Law Courses

Every day, more and more business is being conducted online. Many providers exist to meet the growing need of information and updates on regulatory requirements specific to companies conducting business and selling goods and services online. For example, sales tax and other tax related issues are made complex by the lack of a physical storefront. Many online business law training courses address the following questions 

  • how to collect sales tax
  • when to collect sales tax
  • what US states are exempt to sales tax.

There are additional challenges to online sales outside of the United States. As your presence grows as a company and you struggle to remain competitive in a given market, training courses in international online sales can equip your business to tap new sources of revenue and face various legal requirements worry free. Search the list above and find the online business law training course your company needs to succeed. 

Business and Environmental Law Courses

Business law training courses often focus on environmental and health and safety concerns as professionals working in different business sectors must have a complete understanding of these regulations. Ignoring environmental laws and protections may have consequences for any business or organization working near endangered species and wetland areas. Similarly, organizations that produce air pollution are often required to have clean air act permits. Businesses can benefit from investing in business law training courses to keep their employees up to date with the latest in regulations.  

Business Law for Lawyers Courses

Most training providers working within the field of business law offer courses designed for on-site legal and legal consulting roles. There are, however, courses for those well-versed in business law requiring insides on complex or more specific topics within the field. Examples of these include:

  • Ethics and Business law
  • Legal systems 
  • Legal institutions
  • Jurisprudence
  • Legal theory. 

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