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Training in Business Law

Training for lawyers, HR, and in-house counsel

Business or commercial law is a large branch of the legal profession encompassing conduct between businesses and individuals as they perform trade, commerce, merchandising and sales.

Many courses in this category are designed to assist businesses with a deeper understanding of laws and regulations that may apply to their corporations. Topics covered range from privacy, finance, intellectual-property, safety and health and all other topics related to conducting business.

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Advanced English Contract Law
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
2 days
2,750 USD
Contract managers and lawyers working with companies in the United Kingdom often find themselves working with transactions and agreements conducted...
Loan Documentation
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
2 days
2,750 USD
This 2 day fundamentals course guides delegates step by step through the processes involved in creating and enacting loan documents,...
Advanced Loan Documentation
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
3 days
3,850 USD
This 3 day course takes delegates through the parts involved in loan documentation as well as specific issues with contracts...
Best Practices for Managing & Leading In-House Legal
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
3 days
4,050 USD
This 3 day course takes an in depth look at various legal department structures, models and objectives. Participant's will gain a...
Loan Documentation E-learning
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
2 days
2,000 USD
Multiple (2)
The courses are suitable for experienced users and those with no prior experience of the subject matter. It is useful...
Legal Issues in Project Finance & PPP
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
2 days
2,900 USD
The current economic downturn, resulting from a combination of industry crashes and recent global events, has forced a re examination...
Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Level I Training
AMA - American Management Association
1 day
690 USD
Government Contract Management Best Practices and Dangers
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
199 USD
Avoid common pitfalls experienced by government contractors and subcontractors. The federal government can be a great customer for your company’s...
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Displaying 1-8 of 8 results

Online business law

It seems like every day more and more businesses being conducted online. Many providers exist to meet the growing need of information and updates on regulatory requirements specific to companies conducting business and selling goods and services online. Sales tax and other tax related issues I made complex by the lack of a physical storefront. Many courses and online business law address how to collect sales tax when to do so and what states within the US are exempt.

There are of course additional challenges to online sales outside of the United States. As your presence grows as a company and you struggle to remain competitive in a given market courses international online sales can equip your business to tap new sources of revenue and face various legal requirements worry free. Search the list above for courses offering insight to online business law and get the information your company needs to succeed.

Business and environmental law

Often training programs covering business law devote time to environmental and health and safety concerns. All organizations can benefit from investing time and energy into learning the latest in regulations coming from agencies such as the EPA and the OSHA. History shows that it is certainly better to be prepared in a complete understanding before being held accountable by the law.

It seems like every day we hear about another small business that has ignored environmental laws and protections to their extreme detriment. Many business sectors are required to have a variety of operating permits that describe compliance requirements. An Example of these are clean air act permits, targeting businesses both large and small that produce air pollution. Likewise there are in Dinhut species and wetland permanents specific to organizations working near or alongside endangered species and areas identified as wetlands.

Business law for lawyers

Most training providers working within the field of business law offer courses designed for in-house legal and legal consulting roles there are however courses for those well-versed in business law requiring insides on complex or more specific topics within the field. Examples of these include:

  • Ethics and business law
  • Legal systems 
  • Legal institutions
  • Jurisprudence
  • Legal theory