08 Jul 2019

Signs You've Chosen a Bad Training Company

It's easy to find a training company but it can be hard to choose the right one. At findcourses.com we are in constant communication with training providers as well as participants on training courses. When you contact a training provider, here are five red flags that should make you reconsider your choice.

  They're disorganized

If training companies don't know when or where the training that you requested will be next held, if they are hard to reach and poor at answering your questions accurately and in a timely fashion, can you expect that their course will be any more organized? Steer clear of training providers who don't know what they're doing and save yourself the hassle of canceled training dates and poor communication.

  They don't collect feedback

Always ask training providers how they collect feedback from their participants and how they use the feedback constructively to improve their trainers and course content. Additionally, training providers should list testimonials on their website including names and companies, and optimally have a transparent way of collecting and displaying reviews on their site. Excellent training companies will live up to their branding and be open to constructive criticism.

  There are no take-aways

If the training company you're considering doesn't send a syllabus including time scheduled for your employees to make an action plan for how they'll apply what they've learned on the course to their role, this is a warning sign. Many companies take care to equip your staff with guides, post-course support, and materials that they can later use with their manager or colleagues to ensure that what they've learned is still being applied in their job.

You can expect death by PowerPoint

Don't send your staff to a training that they will hate! Even drier subjects for technical staff should include hands-on training and an opportunity to discuss what they have learned. When your employees are bored, they'll find it hard to focus and learn and when they're not given the opportunity to discuss and put new skills and knowledge into practice

They are vague about accreditation and qualifications

Not all training providers run accredited training programs, and not all need to be associated with an awarding body to excel in the training that they do. However, if you're looking to build Continuing Education Units for your staff, or help them complete the professional development courses they need for membership to an industry association, choosing a training provider who can explain exactly how their courses are accredited and how your employees will have their certification or hours registered is a must.

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Last updated: 08 Jul 2019

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