26 May 2022

Podcast: How Good Relationships in the Workplace Help Build Resilience

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts that will help you to navigate the issues that you’ll inevitably come up against as a business owner. Today I want to talk about how good relationships improve resilience and your chances of success.

If you’ve listened to the other podcasts in this series, you’ll know that there are a number of things that contribute to and build resilience.

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There’s good physical health, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and as well as that, another important thing that can impact our resilience; the state of our relationships.

This includes personal and working relationships, and both are a source of support and strength if they are healthy. If we have good relationships with the people around us, we’ll be more resilient, because we’ll feel supported and we’ll feel like we have the strength to both cope with, and overcome problems and challenges.

About The Host

I work with you to develop your leadership and management skills to create a team that believes in the business, and who want to go the extra mile and genuinely want to perform at their best.

I’ll use all the skills and experience I’ve collected over the last 33 years in business leadership as I support you to develop and improve both your team and you. For many years, I compassionately mentored managers in large and small businesses to build high-performing teams and efficient processes.

Last updated: 26 May 2022

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