05 Jan 2021

Podcast: How to Lose Stubborn Weight and Heal Your Life

Brittany Watkins is literally changing lives with her research and work into Emotional Freedom Technique ("EFT") Tapping. EFT uncovers and severs the root cause of emotional eating, or any anxious response to a stimulus, and immediately heals the practitioner. Specializing in weight loss and emotional eating disorders, Brittany has taught over 100,000 women to self-heal through trauma-informed therapy.

Through years of practice she has discovered the seven emotional weight loss blockers that are commonly experienced by women, and through that understanding helps students to physically disrupt their own deep-rooted traumas in the brain, and cure their cravings and emotional eating - often in only a few sessions.

Listen to her podcast here

Forget years of therapy, the secret to healing is already within you, and Brittany has the map.

Brittany is offering a special gift to Motherhood Unstressed podcast listeners, save 50% when you use the code unstressedfor her Think and Thin Tapping Program. In this program you will follow an easy step-by-step process that will eliminate food cravings and stress eating PERMANENTLY. If you are ready to change your relationship with food, and feel your best in 2021 now is the time.

Connect with Brittany

Connect with Brittany at brittanywatkins.com. On Instagram @motherhoodunstressed and be sure to let her know what you thought of the episode in her latest post! Feeling stressed? Order the CBD and use code Podcast to save!

Last updated: 05 Jan 2021

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