04 Jan 2021

PODCAST: How Leaders Can Better Motivate Their Team Members

In this episode, Federico Toledo, COO of Abstracta, shares lessons he has learned on how to lead others so they remain motivated and engaged. In particular, he shares how he leads other software testers, but his advice applies to anyone who finds themself in a leadership role. Federico explains why connecting to your purpose and helping others do the same is critical for success; for that of the individual, the team, and the organization as a whole.

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You'll learn:

How to help others connect to their purpose How to give those you lead the flexibility they need to achieve their goals and follow their interests in a way that aligns with those of the business The importance of receiving feedback and the important step to take after you get it How to keep your own motivation in check so you can help others

About Federico Toledo

Federico Toledo is Co-founder and Director of the software testing company, Abstracta. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UCLM, Spain. With over 10 years of experience in performance engineering, he's helped many companies successfully improve application performance. He is dedicated to testing education, wrote one of the first books in Spanish on testing, and formed Abstracta Academy. In his podcast called Quality Sense, he interviews thought leaders in software testing.

Last updated: 04 Jan 2021

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