Podcast: Embedding Service Design in an Organization

In this podcast, Smaply’s co-founder and CEO Marc Stickdorn and Gerry Scullion, the host of This is HCD, go through the scenario of embedding service design in an organization. Service design as a much discussed topic offers many possibilities and room for innovation when successfully embedded in an organization.

Link to the podcast episode

You’ll learn:

  • what the challenges of early-stage engagement can be
  • what to look for regarding the design maturity of an organization
  • where service design should sit in an organization

“When it comes to sustainably embedding this way of working in an organization, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And it’s a damn hard marathon. It takes years to really bring it into an organization and to change the way people work and people think. Marc Stickdorn, CEO and co-founder of Smaply.

About Marc Stickdorn

Marc is co-founder and CEO of Smaply, as well as co-author of the award-winning books 'This is Service Design Thinking' and 'This is Service Design Doing'. He gives talks and workshops on service design and innovation all over the world, teaches at various business and design schools and is a trainer at This is Doing.

Last updated: 26 Apr 2021

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