07 Sep 2021

Podcast: Making a Podcast Love Connection

Are you looking to get yourself or clients interviewed on a podcast? What does that mean for you if you’re seeking a good fit for your topic that has a decent-sized audience? How do you make that podcast love connection? Listen in as Alex Greenwood offers his insights, derived from more than fifteen years as a podcast host, producer, and guest.

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You'll Learn:

  • How to identify a good podcast for your topic
  • How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest successfully

About Alex Greenwood

Alex Greenwood is a veteran public relations and marketing professional. He is the host and producer of Mysterious Goings On, a weekly podcast about genre writing and PR After Hours, a weekly business news and interview podcast. Both shows are available on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and most podcast aggregators.

He resides in Kansas City, Missouri, where he owns and manages AGPR, a public relations and marketing consultancy. He is the author of the acclaimed John Pilate Mystery Series, published by Caroline Street Press.

Alex also wrote Kickstarter Success Secrets, a non-fiction eBook detailing his experience successfully crowdfunding the publishing costs of one of his novels. His most recent book is the acclaimed The Podcast Option: Tips and Tricks to Make Podcasting Work for You.

You can also find him on most of the usual social media suspects, including Twitter: @A_Greenwood.

Last updated: 07 Sep 2021

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