Podcast: Unlocking Human Potential with Patricia Lindner

At the core of every coaching client, is someone who shows up with some kind of inner struggle. Some are clearly more prominent than others (fear, intimidation, lack of confidence). To do the important work of becoming better bosses at work by being better leaders, we have to sometimes unlock the shackles that hold us back. Thus the idea of human potential.

After many years of helping others achieve greater results, I am a firm believer in one key principle. We all have untapped potential to be greater than we are right now. Whether that is related to becoming a better boss, a better spouse, a better parent, or a better friend. There is higher potential in all of us.

And, as leaders, we should be striving to help those we lead unlock their potential. The question is how do we unlock the potential we hold?

My guest, Patricia Lindner, is someone who has studied ways to do the unlocking. Join us as we explore those ideas.

Listen to this podcast episode here

About Doug Thorpe 

Hi, I am Doug Thorpe. Executive Coach, business advisor, and podcast host. My passion is helping business leaders break through the invisible wall between good management and great leadership.

Last updated: 13 Oct 2022

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