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PODCAST: Branding is so much more than just the aesthetic!

In this episode, Hannah Roper, host of TFC Talks and Business Development Coach/Mentor interviews Liz Mosley, graphic designer and podcast host with over 15 years experience now specialising in branding and making animated GIFS for small businesses.

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You'll Learn:

  • Branding Basics
  • Brand Values
  • Why branding is more than just looking pretty

Plus Hannah and Liz chat about how she moved from the employed to self employed after having children, where to start when thinking about branding and why a supportive community is invaluable! Liz also shares her 3 top ti[s for starting or growing a business.

Bonus Content: This episode's listener question is all about the first step to take as a new business!

About Hannah Roper

Hannah Roper launched The Female Creative in 2020 to coach, mentor and teach busy mums how to turn their business ideas into action, through effective planning, manageable goal setting and removing the emotional blockers to release their creativity, grow their audience through diversifying their marketing techniques and increase their income all whilst fitting business around the busy lifestyle of a mum.

With a varied career history including time as a police officer, it has not always been an easy ride for Hannah, as a survivor of domestic abuse there was a time where confidence and self-esteem were not the norm, Hannah spent many years rediscovering herself and growing in confidence and self-belief. This was when she discovered her love for entrepreneurship and dedicated time to developing skills in business, branding, marketing and web design.

Hannah has built upon over 20 years experience as a teacher and learning expert plus over six years of marketing and branding experience, obtained through creating her country music alter ego, Lily Garland, creating and facilitating a 3-day country music festival, Country on The Coast and running a health and wellness network marketing business.

As if she wasn’t busy enough, 2021 saw the launch of Hannah’s podcast, The Female Creative Talks, in which she shares the stories of incredible female owned businesses and their top tips for starting and growing a business!

Last updated: 28 Dec 2021

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