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Course participant reviews for TrainSMART Inc.

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Brenda E.
My company invested the time, resource and money into a Train-the-Trainer workshop called TrainSmart, Inc. Anna Filas was our Instructional Designer and she provided vast knowledge, patience and guidance towards meeting our goals to be IBCT International Certified. She is truly part of the ATI Physical Therapy family and I look forward to utiliz...
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Annie W.
Thank you to my trainer Anna Filas for the wonderful training class she provided to my co-workers at I. We received a lot of great information from her course. I know I have been consciously making an effort to use what I have learned in my daily workflows with my peers. I personally didn’t want the training to end, it was so enjoyable. She hand...
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Janelle H.
The session is an excellent session for new trainers. For seasoned trainers, it gives good reminders and fresh perspectives on current habits and practices. The content is robust, yet simple. The facilitator was flexible, knowledgeable, and provided good constructive feedback. The small class size also allowed for great collaboration, networking...
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Mahmood R.
It was a grate and successful experience to have a TTT workshop with TrainSmart in San Diego
Connie K.
Very informative and interactive. Presented in a way that kept me attentive during the entire training. Information shared was very helpful for me and I look forward to sharing it with others.
Michigan W.
Outstanding 3-day training by Bill Sciacca forTrain the Trainer, including tips, techniques, pragmatic and creative presentation approaches, positive attitude and enthusiasm that I can immediately put to work in my position as an instructor. His expertise is apparent in the course content, delivery, and opportunities for interactive engagement. ...
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Mich E.
One of the better train the trainer workshops I have attended. Bill was amazing.
Adolfo E.
One of the best trainings I have been to. The 3 day Train-The-Trainer course allowed me to reinforce my current skills while introducing new and exciting approaches to adult learning.
Mary T.
I attended the 3 day Train the Trainer program and it is perfect for anyone just starting out and it also has information that benefits for anyone in the training career. Elana did an amazing job presenting the information and formatting the class where everyone could learn. She was very helpful with providing advice to guide us in each of our d...
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Diane B.
I really enjoyed the training! There was so much information that I was able to take back to my work and utilize right away. I met some truly great people and Elana was the BEST trainer! Thank you TrainSmart!
Linda B.
I had the opportunity to attend a Train the Trainer session in 2008. I have since discovered that this area is a strength, in terms of what I have to offer others. Since 2010, I've been a University educator, preparing students to lead in several areas, including "real world" project management. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing stude...
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Sydni-Craig H.
Excellent! The "Train The Trainer" program was exactly what I was looking for. The team was great about answering all of my questions beforehand. The training was well-organized and I was able to get all my questions answered. Anne Harlow is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend working with TrainSmart and look forward to investing in addi...
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Gina F.
Del Black did an excellent Job at Teaching Train the Trainer in San Diego. I was able to use my current Training that I do and make it much more interactive and fun for my Students. I came away confident and knowledgeable in what I need to do as well.
Regina D.
EXCELLENT TRAINING CLASS! The Train-The-Trainer course provided all the tools needed to become a successful trainer. The course provided the foundation for new trainers and seasoned trainers will gain new delivery approaches for more effective trainings. The facilitator (Anne Harlow) was very energetic and pleasant, she moved the class effortles...
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Sheena C.
I attended the Train The Trainer course August 3-5, 2016. I had some idea of what to expect, however, what I received far exceeded my expectations. Our class was small and intimate; as a result, we were able to dive deep into several training topics. I was especially interested in the sections on training adult learners (since adults are who I t...
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