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Health Economics and Policy

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6 weeks
6 weeks
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Course description

Health Economics and Policy

Earn an official certificate of professional achievement from The London School of Economics and Political Science

  • An in-depth understanding of key economic principles as they relate to the healthcare sector, such as supply and demand, and efficiency and equity.
  • A nuanced perspective on healthcare financing systems and how they can be utilised to realise true universal health coverage.
  • Insight into the complexities of the healthcare labour market, including workforce planning and forecasting, workforce shortages, and external shocks.
  • A balanced view of health and social justice, developed by assessing health inequalities and deconstructing the social determinants of health.

Who should attend?

This Course is for You if:

  • You’re working in healthcare globally, as a social scientist, public health specialist, or medical and allied staff, and want a comprehensive understanding of the economic factors at work in the sector
  • You’re a professional working in health agencies, governments, or NGOs, and are interested in exploring the policy solutions that might address inequality in the system
  • You’re a healthcare professional who wants to understand contemporary healthcare challenges through the lens of economics
  • You’re involved with policy analysis, advocacy, or formulation, and want a contemporary understanding of healthcare economics, and its impact on topics including health funding and workforce dynamics
  • You’re a finance or economics professional looking for new perspectives on the economics of health insurance financing systems and the healthcare workforce, and how these can impact outcomes across contexts

Training content

Develop an understanding of key economic principles in healthcare as you work through the weekly modules of this online certificate course.

Module 1

Economic principles applied to healthcare

Module 2

Health financing systems

Module 3

The healthcare labour market

Module 4

Paying healthcare providers

Module 5

The market for pharmaceuticals

Module 6

Health and social justice

Course delivery details


  • 6 weeks (excluding orientation)
  • 6-9 hours per weekentirely online

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  • Data-driven course selection
  • Outcomes-based design
  • People-mediated delivery
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