Course participant reviews for Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue (In-Person)

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Sabrina H.
04 May 2023

Great program that is very adaptable to how you like to work.

Kevin W.
04 Mar 2023

This course was SO helpful. Packed full of helpful, usable's an indispensable go-to source in prepping for difficult conversations.

Kevin F.
17 Nov 2022

Great course! Excellent content, course design, and presentation.

Sara A.
07 Nov 2022

This is one of the most important trainings that I've completed. It provides practical use of these skills and practice applying them.

Naila N.
17 Oct 2022
It is an informative course

It is an informative course and gives you all the necessary tools to resolve conflicts or diffuse a situation. It is an art and you need to practice this art in real world to se...

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Jacqueline P.
07 Oct 2022

Excellent information and concepts for communication. I would recommend this training to anyone.

Joy G.
06 Sep 2022

I have been following crucial conversations for a few years. Their suggestions are always very practical, helpful and respectful not to mention effective. I am a big fan!

Sheila C.
04 Sep 2022
Thanks for the insights!

Incredible tips for mastering dialogue! This course is important for everyone, and as a communications professional, especially for me. I'll be using these skills at work, home ...

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Mel L.
27 Jul 2022
I feel so blessed to have been added to this course by my place of business

I feel so blessed to have been added to this course by my place of business. This is an incredible wealth of information key to communication and problem solving. I truly believ...

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Paul V.
14 Jun 2022

This course will change your life for better if you let it.

Reka D.
02 Jun 2022
I learned a lot!

I learned about Crucial Learning through my employer who signed us up for Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability courses. I learned a lot!

Johana G.
29 Apr 2022
I’m really happy with all the content and everything I learned through the course.

I love it! Crucial conversations for Mastering Dialogue helped me to gain confidence, identify and accept I have tendency to silence, just need to understand better to have a be...

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Erik H.
26 Mar 2022

A fantastic resource for learning to plan difficult conversations.

Rodrigo G.
19 Mar 2022
Crucial conversations was the game change skill I needed

Crucial conversations was the game change skill I needed to develop to improve my career. After the course I could improve my stakeholder management and also the way I dialog wi...

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Celia C.
05 Mar 2022

I encourage everyone and anyone to access the online course. You will learn life skills that move you forward professionally and personally. Highly Recommend.

Carter M.
01 Mar 2022
I think this course should be mandatory for Management

I took this course out of curiosity at my job: I have worked in Customer service for the last 30 + yrs and I always jump at the chance for new ways to speak more efficient to ...

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Jessica G.
12 Sep 2021

I have attended a lot of professional development, but none that has had such a profound impact on both my professional AND personal life

Russ F.
22 Aug 2021

The skills learned in Crucial Conversations have produced immediate and impactful results in the overall working relationships at all levels of our organization

Blake S.
05 Jun 2021

I think everyone—and I mean everyone—should take this course.