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Corporate Startup Accelerators

Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship, Online (+1 locations)
12 weeks
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12 weeks
35,000 USD
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Course description

Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Start-up Accelerators

An internal corporate start-up accelerator process that cuts through the “innovation fluff” to achieve problem-solution fit for your innovation projects. For Intrapreneurs and Innovators.

The Problem
Most corporate accelerator programs fail due to a lack of structure, expert guidance and support for running lean start-up experiments. It’s too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of fancy jargon and sexy activities that don’t achieve ROI. Moving people away from long discussions and planning meetings requires a real-world entrepreneurial experience. Teams must be hands-on when learning the fundamentals of Design Thinking, Customer Development, Lean Start-up and Agile. If you are looking to go beyond “innovation theatre” then AfCE has an approach fit for you.

The Solution
Carefully crafted tutorials and assignments are strategically placed along a 12 week curriculum to help Intrapreneurs learn what they need to know and apply that to their own ideas. This flagship offering played a big role in helping Bayer’s Intrapreneurship program unlock 1 Billion EUR of new annual revenue potential. AfCE mentors guide each team to leverage the curriculum to identify assumptions and run experiments with real customers. A Prototype Fund providing access to our team of designers, developers and online marketers is an integral part of the program and allows teams to develop pretotypes and prototypes at speed. The accelerator combines physical and virtual engagements, often in the native language of participants.

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Training content

Below you can find a list of tutorials and assignments you will complete throughout the program.

Each topic listed below consists of 2 tutorials and 1 assignment.

The tutorials are generally between 8 and 12 minutes. Per topic there will be one tutorial explaining what we will be doing and why this is important. After this you will be asked to complete a mini test. The next tutorial discusses how your team will complete the assignment in the provided template.

Your team has to watch the tutorials and complete the assignments before the relevant mentor call.

Design Thinking

Early Adopters (potentially covered during Kick Off Event)
Customer Segmentation (potentially covered during Kick Off Event) Identify Interview Channels
Interview Channel Costing
Total Available Market
Solution Ideation
Value Proposition Canvas
Competitor Matrix
End User Profile

Lean Start-up

Minimum Viable Product
How to pitch your corporate start-up idea

Sales & Marketing

Messaging Framework Channels
Start-up Financials

Business Model + Pitch

Business Model Canvas
How to pitch your corporate start-up idea (re-visited) Pitch Deck

The engagement and comprehension levels can be tracked and assessed so that reporting can be provided at the end of the program. If your mentor asked you to skip certain tutorials, this will be accounted for in your final scoring and evaluations.

Course delivery details

  • World-Class mentors, not consultants
  • Transfer of entrepreneurial skills and mindset to Intrapreneurs
  • Scientific and experiment based
  • Structured approach creates accountability and monitoring of development
  • Be pitch ready by the end of 12 weeks (200%-400% better success rate)
  • Full participant evaluations and certification provided
  • Part time next to day job (10%, 20% or 30% time)


From USD 35,000 per team. 
Ask for customization details. 

Why choose AfCE?

#1 Intrapreneurship Agency

Global in 24 Countries

Blended Learning Approach


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A.S., Bayer AG
01 Jan 2020
From Scientist to Innovator

I came into the AFCE program as a research scientist and I was very skeptical about the process and whether my team would be able to bring our grand ideas to life. I had never e...

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01 Jan 2020
A must for mid managers

This program should be a must to all Mid and top managers in traditional corporate companies to change mindset and instil a sense of urgency for disruptive innovation and busine...

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M. Breugem
01 Jan 2019
Not a normal workshop

We have done a lot of these workshops and this one was the best

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Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

We’ve been delivering intrapreneurship accelerator programs for corporate entrepreneurs in 24 countries and 8 languages. Now we are making it easy for every employee to “learn about innovation topics” using customised self-directed online learning. The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE)...

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