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The US is home to the largest population of Spanish speakers in the world after Mexico, and many American companies hire Spanish speaking employees. Find training in Spanish for Spanish speakers and ensure they get the most out of the course
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Corporate Training for Spanish Speakers

The Spanish language is increasingly becoming an important part of not only the cultural fabric of the US but of everyday business in America. Many training companies, across a variety of industries and professional development focuses, offer Spanish language training programs specifically for Spanish speakers. Likewise, as global markets grow and expand US companies are beginning to hire more fluent and native Spanish speakers. This creates a significant need for professional development programs and short courses in the Spanish language.

Visiting professionals from Native Spanish Branches

Multinational and international companies often have visiting colleagues from offices outside of the US. Putting these individuals through the same development, operational or technical based training programs as their English speaking colleagues presents a number of fairly obvious challenges. It can bring down the overall speed and effectiveness of the program, forcing the trainer to slow instruction in order to reword training content. It can result in a disproportionate knowledge among the native and non-native English speakers, leaving those visiting delegates with a more limited understanding of the overall training and resulting in knowledge that goes unimplemented or unused in the workplace. To combat this, provide them with Spanish language courses that they can easily follow and understand.

Spanish Language Training in Finance

International finance is a complex industry, requiring constant refreshers on best practice and new compliance standards. Language limitations represent an additional complication in a field where they can hardly be afforded. Search the above list for Spanish language training designed specifically for native Spanish speaking finance professionals and find the short course or finance program your people need.

Spanish Language Training in Healthcare

While all industries in the US are certainly feeling and responding to the need for services and training for management and professionals in Spanish, healthcare is an especially important sector with a number of limitations. As the population of native Spanish speakers within the US continues to grow, so does the need for healthcare services in Spanish. This means an increase in the number of native Spanish speaking healthcare professionals working in the US, which in turn requires adequate training and development program for healthcare professionals.

Business English courses for Spanish Speakers

Communicating in a clear, fluent manner is important for any working professional. Whether with colleagues, clients or stakeholders professionals must be prepared to be understood. The strongest background or handle on any area of expertise can get lost in translation. With courses in business language, learners gain an English language understanding designed specifically to guide them through business interactions. They are armed with the right terminology and a clear understanding of how to use it. Business English programs also often include instruction on potential cultural misunderstandings.

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