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International Law Training Programs and Short Courses

International Law Training

Courses for Lawyers

International Law, broadly speaking, can be divided into two main areas, jus gentium (law of nations) and jus inter gentes (agreements between nations). Courses in international law commonly focus on international treaties, international customs and other principles stipulated through judicial systems.

Find training in international law, both for legal and non-legal professionals. Search based on course type, length, location and schedule. Once you have several options, send information requests to the training company and they will respond to your needs directly.

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Advanced English Contract Law
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
2 days
2,750 USD
Contract managers and lawyers working with companies in the United Kingdom often find themselves working with transactions and agreements conducted...
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More about International Law Training Programs and Short Courses

International Law

Laws in their truest form exist to protect people. As such, the law shapes all aspects of human interaction, including politics, society and economics. As the world grows more complex and human interaction becomes easier and more pervasive, the legal system reflects this change with its own set of complexities and nuances. Whether just entering the legal profession, or attempting to keep up with new legislation and legal technologies, the right training program can make all the difference.

Business Law for Multinationals and Internationals

Business law is most commonly considered a branch within civil law and pertains to activities within both the public and private sectors. It is designed to govern individuals and businesses operating within any aspect of commerce, trade, negotiation, sales, merchandising, retail, etc. Each country has its own set of commercial laws governing all aspects of the goods coming in and out of their national boundaries. As such, for those businesses or individuals conducting business in more than one country, regulatory considerations within the field of commercial law must take high priority when planning business related transactions internationally.

Customs and the Law

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is an intergovermental organization responsible for the development of a variety of customs related issues, including:

  • valuation
  • collection of customs revenue
  • customs enforcement activities
  • supply chain security
  • enforcement
  • international trade facilitation

Additional supply chain security certification and regulation regarding customs has come to pass in recent years in response to the international terrorist threat. Principle among certification is the The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

International  Health and Safety Law 

In addition to laws regulating the movement of good across national boundaries many international laws are concern with the environmental and health and safety impacts of organizations or individuals acting beyond their national borders. All organizations can benefit from investing time and energy into learning the latest in regulations coming from international agencies or cooperating nations. History shows that it is certainly better to be prepared in a complete understanding before being held accountable by the law.

International Law and the Environment

It seems like every day we hear about another small business that has ignored environmental laws and protections to their extreme detriment. Many business sectors are required to have a variety of operating permits that describe compliance requirements. An Example of these are clean air act permits, targeting businesses both large and small that produce air pollution. Likewise there are endangered species and wetland permits specific to organizations working near or alongside endangered species and areas identified as wetlands. Ensure that your organization is function with the law no matter what nation they are conducting business in.