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Whether you want to begin a career as an insurance adjuster or you want to stay up-to-date with current industry developments, scroll down to find the right insurance adjuster training course for your learning goals.
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Insurance Adjuster Training Courses

Insurance adjusters take care of insurance claims. These include claims associated with personal injury, loss of property or damages. An insurance adjuster would compile reports about a variety of claims. The job role can involve working with policyholders, lawyers, the police, medical staff and witnesses.

Once the insurance adjuster has gathered and collated all the relevant information, they will complete a report. A decision will then be made on whether and how much to pay the claimant. This may sometimes involve negotiation with policyholders or testifying in court about contested claims.

Many states require insurance adjusters to be licensed. In these states, candidates need to take a verified course in insurance adjusting, pass an exam and meet other requirements like passing a background check. 

Who Should Attend Insurance Adjuster Training Programs?

Insurance adjuster training courses are designed for anyone who would like to learn how to become an insurance adjuster. 

It is possible to become an insurance adjuster with a high school diploma or GED. However, many companies prefer their insurance adjusters to hold a bachelor's or associate's degree in insurance, risk management or something similarly relevant.

Training providers also offer courses to help insurance adjusters stay current on the latest industry developments. Insurance adjusters may need to complete a number of continuing education credits every year in order to renew their licence. Adjusters may be able to earn these continuing education credits from taking certain courses and training sessions organized by training providers.

Insurance Adjuster Training Course Formats

Insurance adjuster training classes are offered with a wide range of cost and scheduling options. This provides a high degree of flexibility for busy professionals. It also makes professional development accessible to all.

Many of these insurance adjuster courses are offered online, which offers great convenience to participants. Classroom and on-site courses are available options that can give professionals invaluable in-person learning experiences.

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