Review Policy |

Why We Publish Reviews

Reviews are important for providing insight into an education through the experiences and opinions of previous course participants. We value transparency and credibility and accept both positive and negative reviews. The purpose of this policy is to clarify how we moderate reviews.

While we work to increase the credibility of reviews, we cannot guarantee that all reviewers have completed the training they are reviewing. We do not investigate any claims made by reviewers and do not take a position on the accuracy of these claims.

Review Policies

Review Submission

When submitting a review, please provide as much accurate information as you can:

  • Dates: If you are unable to recall the exact date, please select a general date around the time you took the course
  • Names: For privacy reasons, we only publish the first name and last initial on reviews. This is for your safety and security.
  • Score: Scores should be submitted as a whole number from 1 through 5. Half steps are not accepted in our system, so we ask that you either round up or down as you find appropriate before submitting your review.
  • Title vs Comments: Titles are not required, but all reviews should include the comment (actual review content). If you submit a review with only a score, and no comments, we WILL NOT publish the review. These reviews are meant to inform other users about the quality and content of a course.

User Submitted Reviews

We allow you as users of our sites to submit reviews online for our clients and their courses. Before these reviews go live, they must be approved by a member of our team. While we may choose not to publish certain reviews for content reasons, we will not filter out negative reviews. We make this decision as an attempt to keep integrity and transparency for our users. If we become aware that reviews contain any of the following, we may delete or refrain from publishing them:

  • Violations against individual persons.
  • Accusations of crimes or other incidents which should be handled by the police or another authority.
  • Racism, discrimination, or incitement against ethnic groups.
  • Topics unrelated to the organizer or the education.
  • Reviews written by employees or former employees of the organizer.
  • Reviews from individuals who have not completed the education.
  • Direct references to other educators or organizers other than those the review pertains to.
  • Languages other than English.
  • Obvious spam or false claims.
  • Multiple reviews about the same education from the same or presumed to be the same sender.
  • Submitted without a written review.

We reserve the right to:

  • Edit the language in the review.
  • Censor parts of the review that violate the above points.
  • Anonymize the identification of specific individuals.
  • Make separate assessments in individual cases.
  • Change the policy without notice.

Please also be aware that these reviews are not meant to be a place for you to air personal and directed grievances. If any pointed reviews come in discussing how you feel wronged by a provider, while we do take these seriously, we may elect not to publish your feedback. Our process for these submissions is to flag them for our accounts team, so that they can bring them to the provider’s attention and have a larger discussion with them about their position on our site.

We thank you for taking your time to review the quality of courses accurately and fairly on our site. It helps us to better understand the needs of you, our users, and to ensure that all the courses we list on our site are serving you and your needs.