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Podcast: Marketing Experts Reveal Top Strategies To Grow Your Store

The eCommerce Marketing Podcast walks you through everything that goes into ecommerce marketing - from inbound marketing to paid advertising to conversions. Learn the strategies top marketing experts use to grow their businesses.

Here you have some of the latest episodes that you can listen on their site.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is the Key to Ecommerce Success

Joris Bryon is the founder and CEO of Dexter Agency, a remote team of e-commerce conversion optimization and email marketing specialists. The agency serves high-revenue e-commerce stores that are ready for continuous growth. With over 1500 A/B tests under his belt, Joris wrote the book “Kill Your Conversion Killers” to help all the online stores he hasn’t worked with (yet).

Listen to this podcast episode here

Upselling and Bundling Products to Grow Your Business

Aazar Ali Shad is a seasoned SaaS Growth Marketer who loves talking about growth marketing. He has his podcast on “Growth Marketing Stories”. He is currently leading Vitals – The All-in-one-Shopify Marketing Tool to convert leads, upsell your products, boost revenue and improve the store experience.

Listen to this podcast episode here

How to Successfully Sell a Book Online 

Dave Chesson is the creator of, a website devoted to teaching advanced book Marketing which even Amazon KDP acknowledge as one of the best by telling users to “Gain insight from Kindlepreneur on how you can optimize marketing for your books.” Having worked with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Ted Dekker and more, his tactics help both Fiction and Nonfiction authors of all levels get their books discovered by the right readers.

Listen to this podcast episode here

Last updated: 10 Dec 2021

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