Gamification in Learning Technology

Gamification is a wonderful tool for teaching modern and complex technology that helps build professional expertise level. It is a nicely crafted process of solving multi-faceted problems that encourages game plays-based thinking and behavior, so that situations can be handled efficiently in a relaxed tone. A case study is presented where various situations are demonstrated through an interactive “learning by playing” approach. This provides the benefit of practical lessons for proper and gradual professional development. 

History of Gamification

The term “gamification” was invented by Nick Pelling, a British computer programmer, in 2002. However, the term gained its popularity in 2010 where it spread all over the corporate field and certain industry experts discovered its promise to deliver an easy and convenient approach to learn sophisticated technology. Companies quickly realize the effectiveness of this technique where employee motivation could be enhanced and generate healthy competition among teams. Business started getting better results in their projects where gamification techniques in various areas were used to generate the necessary profit from several endeavors. The easy to implement plans can be made and strategized by the companies to reach its goals more conveniently. Taking inspiration from such success, more companies from industries especially in the information technology field begin to implement gamification process where the goal achievement rates have been high at most occasions. However, it has also spread to multiple industries recently bringing professional development to all the different sectors distinctively.

A Suitable Approach to Professional Development

Gamification techniques are used in many different areas to introduce motivation to the workforce. Professionals are now well suited to this technique as various onsite and online games have been developed to enhance their skill level to a higher degree. Gamification introduces a fun play atmosphere where learning can be made easy and amusing, giving more inspiration and enthusiasm to the professionals who are looking for a non-stressful approach to broadening their career. It is a unique approach that alternates various training programs that you may find stressful. In this way, by playing various games, the practicality of several professional situations can be learned and benefiting certain industry leaders and specialists in astounding ways. This is a combined effort of bringing entertainment to the education system just like how many school students are being taught these days. Understanding the fact that it benefits people from all corners of life, it is so far the most suitable approach to professional development where corporate endeavors are not being seen as a “boring” activity as usually perceived by many.

Participants of Gamification

This specific learning approach was first implemented by IT companies such Microsoft, IBM, LiveOPs and so on. Nowadays, a lot of major corporate heads are using this approach to promote higher motivation levels to the workforce. This technique is now being used innovatively in many areas of corporate programs from recruiting to building customer relationship. However, the main focus has been towards the workforce of several organizations working for different goals. For example, the US Army uses gamification technique to recruit potential candidates. They also use this technique to train young soldiers. When we see such a serious organization implementing gamification, we can easily assume how effective and diverse this program can be. In fact, even The World Bank uses this technique!

Courses in Gamification

How it is done

A very common example of gamification learning is through card games. One of these card games includes four cards containing four types such as motivators, victory conditions, game mechanic and social mechanic. Each having their distinct situation based stories depending on the topic. The game can be played involving multiple steps beginning with a particular topic. There must be at least four players in the game where each of the players would pick up a card. Depending on the card that is being chosen, the players will discuss about the topic such as social interaction and so on to bring valuable solution to a certain problem through fun play discussions. At the end of the play, all topics from the cards and the main situation are put together which will increase the understanding of the participants.

What to expect from Gamification

Companies that have implemented this learning approach have so far seen enormous positive results and created a popular buzzword. Since this approach is very cost friendly, any type of innovative gameplay can be introduced depending on the budget. It works for any company from small to big. It is for this exact reason that the method is spreading very fast around the globe among all sorts of organizations.

This system has achieved success in all forms and gaining its popularity as the time goes by. If you are planning to implement this approach to enhance your company’s professional status, get creative, enjoy and play the game with fun spirit! Tell your workforce how amusing their professional life can be while bringing motivation and more efficiency into the work.

Last updated: 01 Mar 2019