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7/16/2014 4:46 PM   Heather

I am interested in a course in Calgary. It is "Introduction to Finance reporting for the Petroleum Industry". I need to know what time it starts. Do you know what time courses usually start?

thanks Heather

RE: What time do courses start?
9/4/2014 11:06 AM   FindCourses.com

Hello Heather,

Great question! The course that you mentioned, "Introduction to Financial Reporting for the Petroleum Industry", offered by PEICE in Calgary, has a range of dates to suit your time and availability needs! 

This course typically begins at 8:30AM and ends at 4:30PM. This is the usual time frame for this provider's courses. However, depending on the amount of participants in the course and the material covered, the course may end earlier than the designated end time.

We hope this answers your question,



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