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8/13/2015 4:03 PM   Lena

Is it easy to study in North America? I am from the EU.

RE: Studying in North America
8/14/2015 12:20 PM   Enyih

Hello l am writing from Cameroon and will love to do my studies in your country.

RE: Studying in North America
9/1/2015 4:11 PM   Amelia Bianchi

I have found it quite easy! I applied for a student visa and from there was able to enter the US to study. I think it depends on how long you would like to stay for.

-Amelia Bianchi

RE: Studying in North America
10/30/2015 10:46 AM   Mark L.
In my experience, it really helps to have a solid grasp of the English language. Many people speak limited English and have a hard time studying in North America as well as adjusting to the lifestyle. /Mark

RE: Studying in North America
11/23/2015 3:25 PM

Please have a look at this list to find out more about studying in the United States:


RE: Studying in North America
4/5/2016 5:04 PM   Abby, Findcourses Team
If you would like to apply for a short course, currently the process is as follows:

According to the U.S. Department of State, you will need to apply for a B-1 (business) tourist visa. The only catch to this visa is that you cannot receive payment or income from a U.S. based company for the training. However, you can be given a travel allowance or expense reimbursement for your travel expenses.

It is important to note that a visitor's visa is not the right choice for professionals looking to enter into full-time study such as an MBA program.

To apply for a visitor's visa, check out the website of your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You’ll need to fill out a DS-160 form which is a form for those not immigrating to the U.S., upload your photo, and take this printed application to the embassy.

RE: Studying in North America
6/29/2016 4:38 PM   Amber342
It's not hard at all to take a short course - as long as you or your company will pay for it. I work for a training company and we get international delegates all the time. What we don't appreciate are emails requesting scholarships. These courses are for professionals so you're expected to have your own training.


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