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11/16/2016 3:45 PM   Joe

I am looking to get back into IT after some time away. I want to update my resume a bit. What are popular certifications in IT right now, and how hard is it to get them?

RE: IT certifications
11/17/2016 4:07 PM   Courtney, Findcourses team

Hi Joe!

There are many popular certifications available today in IT. However, IT is a very broad field so I could be more specific if I knew what area of IT you were interested in.

Here is a link to our site with courses for different IT cerfitications. You may notice that most of the courses are just a couple of days in length, so if you are qualified for the course you should be able to get the certification quite quickly!

Most certifications are earned by taking a test, so you can always study on your own too!




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