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10/30/2014 9:00 AM   Curious Financial Manager

Is there a true need for financial risk management? I have been suggested to have an in-house course for my employees, but am not sure of what benefit it will really be. Most of it seems like common sense. Any help is appreciated.

RE: Is financial risk management necessary?
11/28/2014 1:33 PM   Jared Gorton, Financial Risk Manager


I stumbled upon your post and thought I could help out!

Financial risk management is becoming a necessity today. In fact, businesses are hiring employees into new positions created solely for financial risk management, and universities are creating programs and degrees based on it.

With all of the technological advancements being made, information is available everywhere. This amps up the need for security measures, including financial risk managers. I firmly believe financial risk management is a necessary course in all industries and sectors, and that you and your employees could benefit greatly from it.

Jared Gorton
Financial Risk Manager


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