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9/26/2014 8:03 AM   Sebrin

For a company, is an in-house training option more practical than sending employees to a training facility? I am wanting to get around 15 of my employees trained and am not sure which is the best option.

RE: In-House Training
9/30/2014 4:18 PM
Hi Sebrin!

It honestly depends on your personal preference. If the training provider you wish to use is quite far from your company, it may be best to have the trainers come to your office. This would be more efficient as you will not lose any work time with a long commute of your employees. It may also be difficult to transport your group of 15 employees to a training center, so that is something to keep in mind.

Most of our training providers can also tailor their material to specific concerns your company may have or that your employees wish to be introduced to. If this sounds appealing, an in-house customised training program may suit you best.

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