onboarding employees for moocs? - Forum

6/29/2016 5:38 PM   Jasonant1
We cut our budgets this year and I'm struggling to get my team to complete the MOOCs that they signed up for. They say there's no time - although when we had on-site trainers come they made time for it. How do I motivate them to complete them?

RE: onboarding employees for moocs?
6/29/2016 5:50 PM   Deborah
Are you giving your employees the training that they want? Cutting your learning and development budget won't save your company money in the long-run.

RE: onboarding employees for moocs?
6/30/2016 10:31 AM   paula
MOOCs can work. It sounds like the problem is that your employees haven't figured out how to insert them into busy schedules. Try setting aside time for them - designate Thursday afternoons MOOC time or something - and then follow up with everyone about how the course is going.


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