How efficient are public courses? - Forum

6/29/2016 5:53 PM   Branman
For anyone who has gone to a public course - I haven't been before- how much of your time is spent actually learning? Is it a wise investment if you really just want to get as much instruction possible in a few days? How are the other participants? Essentially - what's the environment like and is it conducive to learning?

RE: How efficient are public courses?
6/30/2016 10:50 AM   bananabread
It completely depends on the group of people - usually courses aimed towards higher positions have a more productive feel just because everyone is so professional.

RE: How efficient are public courses?
9/8/2016 3:31 PM   Allison
Public courses are the way to go if you're learning something that isn't relevant for the whole team. Enjoy getting to know the other people in your class and listen to their perspectives. It will open up your perspective on whatever it is you're learning and you won't be limited by your company's usual policies/understanding.


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