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Course participant reviews for Working Effectively Across Cultures and Countries

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Brenda is a fantastic trainer, her knowledge in the subject is so valuable and she certainly is giving lots of information to enable working in different countries. From small details that you don't think about to the more ethical conduct this is a very interesting course.
Joseph R, International Trade
Our program was engaging, practical, humorous and illustrative throughout the session, and our presenter made the topic fun.  The structure and content were excellent and I would highly recommend this course to any success oriented company.  Many thanks for a great seminar!
Daniel C.
"Your session was excellent.  I have received many great compliments from the participants about your remarks and the tips you shared. Thanks for making a difference!"
Eric I, Financial Services
Some organizations do business across the globe and across different cultures. WorldWide Connect's program helps you to work globally and improve international business effectiveness to become very successful.
John C.
I was impressed with the messaging and particularly with the delivery style. I thought the “Jeparady” game show format of asking questions at the end was engaging and fun!
Claire S.
The course is well worth taking if you are doing business globally and need to understand culture differences better.
Trish C.
This session was ranked #1 compared to all the other sessions of our 3 day event and received the most write-in compliments.
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