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Will to Win Global is a developer of human potential. We are focused on harnessing the potential of individuals and organisations. We are passionate about workplace learning and performance. We build skills and capabilities, enabling greatness for extraordinary results. We inspire excellence and bring out the best in people. In short, we set people, teams and entire organisations up for success. Our method is experiential training. Three key objectives drive all we do:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of individuals
  • Increasing organisational performance, and ultimately, the company’s bottom line
  • Improving the productivity of nations

Will to Win Global is the licensee for Personify Leadership training programme in East Africa. Personify Leadership is an engaging two-day, highly interactive programme that provides comprehensive development for leaders. The training programme uses a body part model broken down into 8 specific categories, making it easy to apply and retain. Each individual category, or body part, is directly related to a leadership skill or competency. The training deconstructs each core competency, focusing on practical skills that you can apply immediately.

Other Courses

Team Excellence: The Secret to Achieving High Performance

Organizations know that every one of their employees is valuable and contributes unique talents and experience to each project or task at hand. So, comparatively, when employees come together as a team, the end result is typically even greater success – that is, when members understand how to work collaboratively. Effective collaboration not only helps to increase the quality of results, but also the productivity.

Team Excellence: The Secret to Achieving High Performance is the training resource that ensures teams achieve these outcomes. Participants fundamentally learn to CARE by discovering techniques for effective Communication, maximizing individual Ability, producing Results, and fostering Esprit de corps. Among these techniques, they learn to create synergy, set goals, cultivate accountability, and coordinate effective team building activities, effectively allowing them to achieve high performance.

4 hours / Half Day

Productive Work Habits

Good work habits are essential for anyone who wants to succeed on his or her job. They increase your organisational value and job satisfaction and help you have better relationships with your boss and co-workers. Productivity isn’t about quantity. It’s about doing the right task, at the right time. In other words, it’s about recognizing what to do when. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Employees and managers can improve their productivity with Productive Work Habits. Participants will begin to develop the positive habits they need to gain focus, learn how to prioritize tasks efficiently, become better organized, manage their time efficiently, work more effectively with colleagues – and even create better work-life balance.

4 hours / Half Day

Motivating Employees to Be Their Best

Unlike traditional extrinsic motivation techniques like rewards, Motivating Employees to Be Their Best is about helping employees to find intrinsic motivation by fostering positive feelings and eliminating obstacles. The program focuses on providing the skills and techniques you will need to help groups develop a sense of community, to acquire influence over their work-related actions, and to enjoy the openness of shared information and feelings.

The three elements of this type of climate are Community, Influence and Openness. The training focuses on providing the skills you will need to help groups develop a sense of community, to acquire influence over their work-related actions, and to enjoy the openness of shared information and feelings.

8 hours / Full Day

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to comprehend your emotions and to manage them effectively. It also helps you say the right thing and accurately judge how the other person is reacting. This training program offers you techniques to increase and develop your emotional intelligence. It will guide you through proven methods to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace to enhance employee relationships and increase productivity.

4 hours / Half Day

Becoming a Customer Service Star

Don’t just talk about providing better customer service – make it a reality! Becoming a Customer Service Star helps both employees and managers examine their attitudes about customer service in five critical areas:

–Having a positive attitude toward customers

–Encouraging customer feedback

–Responding to customer problems

–Developing repeat relationships

–Seeking to exceed customer expectations

4 hours / Half Day

Strategic Planning 101: Using a Guided Process to Reach Long-term Goals

Strategic plans are a valuable tool for organisations. They help to focus energy and resources on the activities that align with long-term goals and they make an organization more responsive to a changing environment. However, while more than half of today’s organisations will create a strategic plan, most fail to see it through.

Strategic Planning 101 helps you to outline a plan that is relevant to your organisation’s mission, vision, and values and helps you to manage execution throughout the process. The program introduces a logical set of activities or tasks that are grouped into three phases: preparation, development, and implementation of the plan. Participants learn how to assemble the right team, gain the commitment of stakeholders, assess their current situation, formulate specific strategies, set priorities, develop objectives, measure success, and respond to change as the plan is carried out. With a case study to drive home application, this program will help to ensure your organization’s managers and leaders gain the know how to begin focusing team efforts to achieve long-term goals.

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