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Vital Learning

Vital Learning - Classroom, online, and blended management training solutions

For 30 years, Vital Learning management skills solutions have been used to develop leaders at organizations worldwide. Thousands of companies have used our Leadership Essentials courses to develop millions of employees.

The Leadership Essentials stands out with its unique practical and impactful approach. Using multiple touch points (in-person facilitated, 1-on-1 coaching, immersive simulations, mobile scenario practice, and digital on-the-job resources) Vital Learning enables managers to efficiently and effectively execute in their role.

Our ongoing mission is to deliver industry-leading solutions and achieve meaningful results for organizations who are serious about the success of their managers.

Management Training

An innovative, award-winning training provider

Vital Learning's management training solutions are designed from the ground up for today's leaders. Our solutions offer:

  • Flexible delivery options (online, classroom, and blended learning)
  • Immersive scenarios and skill practice
  • Built-in skill reinforcement for continual development
  • Included on-the-job resources (for just-in-time learning)
  • Ability to easily custom-tailor, white label, and integrate with other training
  • Budget efficient for organizations of any size

Leadership Essentials Series Course List

  • Foundational Courses
    • Essential Skills of Communicating
    • Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Acceleration Courses
    • Coaching Job Skills
    • Communicating Up
    • Delegating
    • Developing Performance Goals & Standards
    • Effective Discipline
    • Improving Work Habits
    • Managing Complaints
    • Providing Performance Feedback
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Supporting Change

Vital Learning is on Training Industry's 2018 Leadership WatchlistGet in touch with us and experience the difference with management training programs that get results!

Award Winning Manager Training

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On-site / Company-specific
Coaching Length Price Location Reviews
Coaching Job Skills (Blended Classroom) United States of America
Communication Skills
Essential Skills of Communicating (Blended Classroom) United States of America
4.8 (4)
Human Resources
Conflict Management
Resolving Conflicts (Blended Classroom) United States of America
Leadership Fundamentals
The Leadership Essentials Series (Blended Classroom) 12 Lessons United States of America
5.0 (5)
Essential Skills of Leadership (Blended Classroom) United States of America
4.8 (4)
Leadership Essentials: Creating a Workplace of Respect Series (Blended) United States of America
Leadership Essentials: Helping HR Teams by Improving Managers Series (Blended) United States of America
Leadership Essentials: Reducing Employee Turnover Series (Blended) United States of America
Leadership Essentials: Risk Management & Lawsuit Prevention Series (Blended) United States of America
Leadership Essentials: Solving Manager & Department Inconsistency Series (Blended) United States of America
Business and Management
Management Skills
Delegating 2 hours 49 USD Online
4.7 (3)
Managing Complaints 2 hours 49 USD Online
Coaching Job Skills 2 hours 49 USD Online
5.0 (1)
Communication Skills
Communicating Up 2 hours 49 USD Online
5.0 (3)
Human Resources
Performance Management
Developing Performance Goals & Standards 2 hours 49 USD Online
Providing Performance Feedback 2 hours 49 USD Online
Resolving Conflicts 2 hours 49 USD Online
5.0 (3)
Essential Skills of Communicating 2 hours 49 USD Online
4.8 (4)
Effective Discipline 2 hours 49 USD Online
Improving Work Habits 2 hours 49 USD Online
Supporting Change 2 hours 49 USD Online
Comprehensive Leadership
The Leadership Essentials Series 12 hours 588 USD Online
5.0 (5)
Leadership Fundamentals
Essential Skills of Leadership 2 hours 49 USD Online
4.8 (4)

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Vital Learning

Denver Colorado

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I am overall REALLY impressed with the quality of the instructional materials.
This course has taught me to take the time necessary in the beginning to train, coach, and correct employees to become self-disciplined. Ultimately this moves reliance on one single person, to benefitting on the expertise of the entire team. More work completed, More efficiently.
I really appreciate the simplicity yet meaningfulness behind these mini courses. They cover what can be complex issues in digestible pieces that are not overwhelming to the user.
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