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VantagePoint is the only agile sales performance company delivering diagnostic-based training and consulting solutions—all grounded in the latest academic-led, agile sales research. The VantagePoint proprietary Agile Sales & Coaching Platform includes an agile diagnostic that identifies the behaviors and unique situations your sales managers and salespeople face in the customer’s journey. Leveraging your company data, you will know the behaviors and strategies your high-performing managers and sellers use to win in each specific selling situation. With VantagePoint, you will equip all your managers and sellers to be situationally fluent, to execute each unique interaction in the buyer’s journey like your top-performers. Our mission is your performance, we are VantagePoint Performance and we are agile to the core!


Agile Sales Code
When a multi-year study at the Florida State University Sales Institute set out to answer the question, “What is the best sales methodology?”, they made a stunning discovery: no sales methodology works best. Regardless of company size, industry, geography or any other factor, a single sales methodology consistently led to lower performance and failed the reps who used it in roughly 3 out of 4 selling situations.

VantagePoint’s Agile Sales Code (ASC) solution leverages a two-pronged approach – (1) Diagnostic/Insight and (2) Training – to identify the unique buying situations your company faces and the best approach for each one, then get all your reps prepared to meet each situation effectively. Our approach is methodology-agnostic, meaning we aren’t trying to make a product fit your situation; rather, we start with a deep understanding of your situation, then we match the best methodologies to your unique selling scenarios.

Agile Sales Code for Managers
VantagePoint’s Agile Sales Code for Managers is a one-day training session designed to accompany our Agile Sales Code training and specifically tailored to sales managers. Too often, managers are simply given the same training as their reps and expected to coach their reps to apply it. At VantagePoint, we understand that managing sellers is very different from being a seller – and that managers need targeted training above and beyond that which reps receive.

Sales Management Code
The Sales Management Code is a two-day workshop based on our best-selling book Cracking the Sales Management Code that introduces foundational sales management practices for companies that want to:

  • Ensure sales managers are proactively coaching to drive sales performance
  • Identify sales reps’ high-impact activities
  • Create a formal management ‘rhythm’ to enable effective sales coaching
  • Maximize the value of CRM and reporting
  • Drive the consistent execution of key sales processes
  • Leverage previous investments in sales training and sales methodology

Pipeline Coaching
VantagePoint’s Pipeline Coaching training teaches sales managers how to get beyond administrative forecasting and transform their pipeline conversations into powerful drivers of revenue. During this two-day workshop, sales managers learn how to . . .

  • Examine the three dimensions of pipeline health (size, content and progress) and assess the health of both individual and team pipelines
  • Explore best practices for using the sales pipeline as a coaching tool
  • Conduct early- and late-stage opportunity coaching – and understand the difference between them
  • Identify which sales activities best address common pipeline problems
  • Develop a pipeline coaching plan that includes establishing ideal health metrics, setting a rhythm and method for assessing pipeline health, and laying the groundwork for opportunity and call coaching conversations

Foundational Sales Training
VantagePoint’s Foundational Sales Training can shore up your sales team’s basic skills, creating a solid foundation on which your team can grow its business. We cover all the critical fundamentals, including how to:

  • Get appointments
  • Open sales meetings
  • Identify needs
  • Deliver solution presentations
  • Handle objections
  • Close sales
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