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Website Performance Optimization

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Course description

Website Performance Optimization: e-learning program from Udacity: Free

Website Performance Optimization from Udacity

This short, one-week course is designed to guide participants through the skills necessary for understanding how modile desktop browsers render pages. Course material for this program will guide learners through the Critical Rendering Path. This is most clearly defined as the steps in the process browsers take for converting CSS, JavaScript and HTML into full, complete, navigable websites. 

A hands-on learning solution

Using PageSpeed Insights and Google's Timeline view in Chrome's Developer Tools participants will learn  approaches for finding the data needed to achieve the immediate performance boost they are looking for. 

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Who should attend?

This Website Performance Optimization course is intended for anyone looking to boost the overall speed and performance of their website.


This course is designed for web developers of all skills. Participants should, at a minimum, be comfortable reading and writing HTML documents. Learners will not work with JavaScript of CSS for this course.

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Training content

This How to Build a Startup  takes learners through:


Optimize a provided website with a number of optimization- and performance-related issues so that it achieves a target PageSpeed score and runs at 60 frames per second.

Lesson 1 Critical Rendering Path 

  • HTML is converted to the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • CSS is converted to the CSS Object Model (CSSOM).
  • the browser runs layout to determine the position and size of elements before painting pixels on the screen.
  • Throughout the lesson, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the Timeline view in Chrome Developer Tools to measure each and every step’s performance on mobile and desktop.

Lesson 2 (90 minutes) HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimizations 

  • building quick and dirty diagrams of the Critical Rendering Path.
  • identifying three key metrics to triangulate potential performance bottlenecks.


This Website Performance Optimization is Free of charge.

Estimated time for completion assuming 6 hours per week: Approx. 1 week

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