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Software Debugging

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Course description

Software Debugging: E-learning from Udacity

Software Debugging E-learning from Udacity

This course guides users through the basic requirements and understanding necessary in systematic debugging. Participants will learn how to systematically debug programs, automate processes and build debugging tools in Python. 

Course project

As part of course materials participants will develop a complete debugger that will be immediately usefull within their existing projects. 

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Who should attend?

This Software Debugging course is intended for professionals hoping for a better understanding of systematic debugging.


Learners should have a basic understanding of programming and Python. Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming would also be helpful.

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Training content

This Developing Scalable Apps with Java takes learners through:


Put all the things you learned in this course together and finish a complete debugger that you can use on other projects


How Debuggers work

  • Theory: Scientific method and its application to debugging. 
  • Fun fact: First bug in the history of computer science. 
  • Practice: Building a simple tracer.

Asserting Expectations

  • Theory: Assertions in testing and in debugging. 
  • Fun fact: The most expensive bug in history. 
  • Practice: Improving the tracer.

Simplifying Failures

  • Theory: Strategy of simplifying failures. Binary search. Delta debugging principle. 
  • Fun fact: Mozilla bugathon. 
  • Practice: Building a delta debugger.

Tracking Origins

  • Theory: Cause-effect chain. Deduction. Dependencies. Slices. 
  • Fun fact: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. 
  • Practice: Improving the delta debugger.

Reproducing Failures

  • Theory: Types of bugs (Bohr bug, Heisenbug, Mandelbug, Schrodinbug). Systematic reproduction process. 
  • Fun fact: Mad laptop bug. 
  • Practice: Building a statistic debugging tool.

Learning from Mistakes

  • Theory: Bug database management. Classifying bugs. Bug maps. Learning from mistakes. 
  • Fun fact: Programmer with the most buggy code. 
  • Practice: Improving your tools and practicing on a real world bug database.


This Software Debugging course is Free of charge.

Estimated time for completion assuming 6 hours per week: Approx. 2 months

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