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Course participant reviews for Turpin Communication

Average rating 4.9

Based on 230 reviews.

Shannon Martin
I have taken many webinars during the pandemic and this is the very first one that engaged the audience and they practiced what they preached. I walked away with a refresher on some things that we all know but had gotten away from in our new virtual way of working. I also learned some new perspectives when leading or participating in a virtual m...
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B Palacios
presented different perspectives of communication
Jeremy Dick
I liked the way Greg modeled the way good virtual training works. You acknowledge the people and the contributions and questions they have. Greg recognized people from an earlier session and that helped them engage in this session. He asked me a question before the session began and I felt more engaged in the sesion. they back and forth between ...
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Davide B.
Clear overview of attention points for preparation and conduct of virtual meetings. Open sharing of comments, also from other participants.
Juliana Carvalho
It's was a pleasant and engaging moment with practical tips. I really enjoyed.
Interesting insight on the concept for an effective communication : from appearance to some method for effective conversation or meetings...
Anthony Horng
Great clear and insightful presentation that brings ton of value to those who are ready to learn
Tim Noonan
I really enjoyed this presentation. I work from my home office for the last 15 years and I never had to be concerned with video conferencing. Well, that changed. I currently have from 5 to 8 video conferences a day. After attending the Virtual meeting that work, I found so many mistakes or underlying issues when attending or hosting. Thank you. ...
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It was a great session, got much useful information for improving virtual communication. Thank you all.
Mahmoud Masri
Well focused and organized and well structured
Adam Bjornstedt
Definitely walked away with some good tips and strategies that I will be sharing with my management team. While the branding topic didn't have as much relevance for me, the other topics were spot on and spoke to some challenges we are facing with communicating in our organization. Thank you
Stanna Brazeel
I really appreciated the information shared with us today. It helped to reinforce some of the feedback I am providing presenters in my organization and organize the key communication techniques in an easy to digest manner. There were also new things I learned, which I will use as well.
Lauren Ketchum
Thank you for hosting this session on virtual meetings that work. It was very informative, and has reinforced some of my own practices during virtual meetings as well as given me ideas for future ones.
Kim MacDonald
I thoroughly enjoyed this interactive webinar! The speakers were knowledgeable and facilitated the session so that the participants each seemed to leave with new ideas to incorporate into their practice.
Eric Bridgham
I have never finished a Turpin course without a handful of definitive things I was going to apply to my workday, meetings, and presentations. This stuff is gold! What I learn from them never fails to makes me better at what I do.
Rob McPhun
Timely, relevant with useful tips and guidance.
Dareen AbaAlkhail
I really enjoyed this insightful course. The topic, presenters’ input and the webinar organization were all exceptional! Thank you guys.
Micki Pope
This had to be the best webinar I've ever attended! The presentation was well thought out and put together and it was filled with great and useful information. There was plenty of time to answer questions. There were even a few Zoom bombs during the presentation. I believe Kevin was facilitating the webinar and he quickly muted the person th...
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Kelly Knowles
Anytime I can attend a session by Turpin - I'm in! Thoughtful Practical and Worth the Time!
Carla Alt
Very informative. Like the tips and dialogue. Looking forward to implementing soon. Would love to have a copy of the slides as I had to drop off a bit early.
Vickie Spires
The webinar was genuinely engaging and informative. The hosts spoke well, in a way that made me want to pay attention, unlike most virtual meetings. The annotate tool and tips on how to connect through webinars was helpful. Thank you!
Alisha Arps
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