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Course participant reviews for Turpin Communication

Average rating 4.9

Based on 229 reviews.

It was really very well invested 90 minutes for me. Greg and Dale led the webinar in an interactive way. Thanks to this other participants could also share their knowledge and tips regarding facilitating hybrid meetings. Both gentlemen presented very deep insights into challenges that both facilitators and participants of hybrid meetings space h...
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Jessica T.
This was an informative presentation. I always enjoy listening to the experiences you two have had and how you weave them into the presentation so it is less about theory and more about the application. Thank you!
Dale and Greg always provide thoughtful planned content. It's worth every session to take time and attend!
Very timely and useful information. Picked up some great tips!
Cindy Aaronson
Great comprehensive view of handling hybrid meetings rather than touching on only one or two areas. The connection to the Orderly Conversation skills was very helpful and a great way to think about meetings in the context of a conversation.
aymen rasool
I liked how the speaker explained everything in simple way.
Audrey Sewell
This is a value added training program for those who are interested in learning how to communicate more effectively in large and small groups especially when leading an employee team meeting.
Abdellahi El Moustapha
The session was fruitful and or organized
Meenakshi N
Good overview of the pitfalls which we need to avoid while communicating in the virtual world. It was an interactive session, with relevant examples. Thank you for the opportunity!
Vivian J
One of the best webinar I had this summer term. The speakers and emcee really knows how to do a webinar. Topic is also well presented.
Ruth I
It was highly informative, interactive, necessary to understand the basis of a good leadership.
Munira K
I really appreciated the content and the practical skills. The raw honesty about the results for the presenters was wonderful.
Janet Mc
I appreciated the insights into being a more engaging leader in a virtual world and, in particular, tips on better physical appearance through lighting and camera position. I also liked the reminder about the value of 360s and understanding the perception people may have of us due to our operating style i.e. needing time to process = indecisive...
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Kayla Fayard
I appreciated how the training was organized. Each section was very beneficial to my role. I would love to take a class that dives deeper into the Bates Model of Executive Presence. It is something that I find my organization sometimes struggles with improving... mostly because they are not sure what steps to take. I felt that this training real...
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Amanda N
Fantastic session, thank you. Amazing amount of information packed in but presented in bite sized informative chunks both visually and verbally. Can't wait to see and use the handout packages.
Great course! On the subject of meetings and communication, you offered thought provoking recommendations on how to facilitate forward thinking change, for yourself or your team. Provided examples of various office meeting situations with tried and true discussions on observations (obvious or subtle) interactions during these meetings. You off...
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The webinar was inviting and fun, both hosts are nice and friendly. It's amazing to learn and hear about them and their work. Their stories are also fun and the webinar was interactive.
Carlos Pedro Correia Monteiro
The webinar was informative and up to date considering the new way of communicating in the organizations. The presenters were patient to listen the questions raised by the audience and are very good communicators.
Greg and Date, I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions listed above, as I am currently going through storytelling in my company. That said, you all gave me more reference points to utilize to Frame-up my storytelling. I truly needed that as we have to present our stories/cases next week, and your examples on Framing brought a different perspective f...
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Shannon Martin
This team has once again shared some great tools that we can use every day while dealing with virtual communication. While I think things are starting to get back to normal, I do not expect virtual meetings will go away since it will save companies travel dollars, etc.
This is an excellent course for everyone, at all levels of an organization. Very helpful, conversational, and make you feel comfortable (they are not lecturing or talking at you). I would and have recommended this to anyone that wants to perform better as a participant or leader in meetings.
Danica Gonzalves
This was the first webinar I attended that spoke to inclusion and equity. Instead of just focusing on how you look as a presenter, the team brought valuable information about the content of the presentation itself. I have learned new skills and tips for strengthening my programs and trainings
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