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Course participant reviews for Turpin Communication

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Kelly Knowles
Turpin Communication treats everything they do with the highest of professionalism and quality. I know that when I attend their training I am going to learn and be able to immediately put into action my learning!
Mithun R.D.
Leadership communication in the virtual a leader how communication should be... How communication gap can be communication could be more interactive in virtual world....
Nicole H.
Great training session - very welcoming and instructive format.
Meredith Fulcher
The presenters were professional, fun, knowledgeable & respectful.
Mutaz Gazzaz
It was a well conducted webinar. It had a relaxed atmosphere that helps understanding and receiving the information that was being introduced. I felt welcome to engage and well heard when spoken.
Great webinar and training, the dialogue and live examples from the participants with great feedback from the training team are always the most useful. The training tools like the framing strategy worksheet will be very helpful.
I'm very much a 'writer' and found the session something really helpful. I can put into practice quickly and develop my skills over time.
It was knowledgeable as it helped to clear some basic concepts of being a leader that we need to keep in mind have an effective leadership.
It was engaging, professional, and overall useful, but didn't really offer much information that was new or innovative
Vaniesa J.I.
I had a great time listening to the webinar and I learned so many things from you guys.
Misyl T.
This is an applicable to everyone. They explain it briefly.
Kelly K.
This executive team always puts together the most quality webinars. They are well-paced, practical, and engaging. Excellent handouts as well! Thank you for always being so professional and engaging!
This course was great- well organized and slides helpful and concise. Presenters were great and really responsive to audience comments in chat or audibly.
The webinar provided insightful, practical tips. I appreciated the interaction as well as the informal, yet professional, tone/environment.
Natasha R.
This training was extremely engaging and informative. I learned a lot about foundational leadership and communication principles.
John L.
"Leadership Communication in the Virtual World" was totally on point for me as a mid-career professional. The hosts covered a lot of ground and left me with a lot of useful tips and further thoughts on how I can examine and improve my own communication skills in general, but with a greater focus on Zoom meetings, presentations and hybrid environ...
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Lucy - Jobseeker, London, UK
Dale and Greg provided informative training in a warm and inclusive way. They considered all partcipant's questions and comments thoughtfully and gave positive and useful guidance.
Presentation was relateable and eventually leaders in these positions will be able to utilize the suggestions fairly.
Audrey R.
I found the event very informative and most of that wasn't about the subject matter- but about delivery. The two hosts had a really good interaction with each other which was relaxed, and easy going, and this made the listening and learning effortless. there was no culture clash given they were presenting from the US and the tome and content an...
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Interesting topics were discussed and I appreciate the best how good presenters have shown practical cases with different challenging situations, providing also useful guideline how to overcome those often communication issues.
Engaging discussion and helpful tips on best practices for getting the most out of a hybrid meeting while being mindful of inclusivity.


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