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Python for Networking & Systems Administrators (SysAdmin)

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4 days
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Course description

Python for Networking & Systems Administrators (SysAdmin)

Geared for network administrators looking to automate administrative tasks across a set of distributed clients Python for

Networking / Systems Administrators is an introductory and beyond-level practical, hands-on Python training course that leads the student from the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules with a focus on network-focused modules such as SSH, Git, and RESTful services. This comprehensive, practical course provides an in-depth exploration of working with the programming language, not an academic overview of syntax and grammar. Students will immediately be able to use Python to complete these types of tasks in the real world.

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Training content

Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We’ll work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most. Topics, agenda and labs are subject to change, and may adjust during live delivery based on audience needs and skill-level.

1. An Overview of Python

· What is Python?

· The Birth of Python.

· About Interpreted Languages

· Advantages of Python

· Disadvantages of Python

· How to get Python

· Which version of Python?

· The end of Python 2

· Getting Help

· One day on Dagobah

2. The Python Environment

· Starting Python

· If the interpreter is not in your PATH

· Using the interpreter

· Trying out a few commands

· Running Python scripts (explicit)

· Running Python scripts (implicit)

· Using pydoc

· Python Editors and IDEs

3. Getting Started

· Using variables

· Keywords and Builtins

· Variable typing

· Strings

· Single-delimited string literals

· Triple-delimited string literals

· Raw string literals

· Unicode characters

· String operators and methods

· String Methods

· Numeric literals

· Math operators and expressions

· Converting among types

· Writing to the screen

· String Formatting

· Legacy String Formatting

· Command line parameters

· Reading from the keyboard

4. Flow Control

· About flow control

· What’s with the white space?

· if and elif

· Conditional Expressions

· Relational Operators

· Boolean operators

· while loops

· Alternate ways to exit a loop

5. Array types

· About Array Types

· Lists

· Tuples

· Indexing and slicing

· Iterating through a sequence

· Unpacking tuples

· Nested sequences

· Functions for all sequences

· Using enumerate()

· Operators and keywords for


· The range() function

· List comprehensions

· Generator Expressions

6. Working with Files

· Text file I/O

· Opening a text file

· The with block

· Reading a text file

· Writing to a text file

7. Dictionaries

· About dictionaries

· When to use dictionaries?

· Creating dictionaries

· Getting dictionary values

· Iterating through a dictionary

· Reading file data into a dictionary

· Counting with dictionaries

· About sets

· Creating Sets

· Working with sets

8. Functions

· Defining a function

· Returning values

· Function parameters

· Variable scope

9. Sorting

· Sorting Overview

· The sorted() function

· Custom sort keys

· Lambda functions

· Sorting nested data

· Sorting dictionaries

· Sorting in reverse

· Sorting lists in place

10. Errors and Exception Handling

· Syntax errors

· Exceptions

· Handling exceptions with try

· Handling multiple exceptions

· Handling generic exceptions

· Ignoring exceptions

· Using else

· Cleaning up with finally

11. Using Modules

· What is a module?

· Creating Modules

· The import statement

· Where did __pycache__ come from?

· Module search path

· Packages

· Example

· Module Aliases

· When the batteries aren’t included

12. An Introduction to Python Classes

· About O-O programming

· Defining classes

· Constructors

· Instance methods

· Properties

· Class methods and data

· Static Methods

· Private methods

· Inheritance

· Untangling the nomenclature

13. Regular Expressions

· Regular Expressions

· RE Syntax Overview

· Finding matches

· RE Objects

· Compilation Flags

· Groups

· Special Groups

· Replacing text

· Replacing with a callback

· Splitting a string

14. Network Programming

· Grabbing a web page

· Consuming Web services

· HTTP the easy way

· sending e-mail

· Email attachments

· Remote Access

· Copying files with Paramiko

15. Sockets

· Sockets

· Socket options

· Server concepts

· Client concepts

· Application protocols

· Forking servers

16. Multiprogramming

· Multiprogramming

· What Are Threads?

· The Python Thread Manager

· The threading Module

· Threads for the impatient

· Creating a thread class

· Variable sharing

· Using queues

· Debugging threaded Programs

· The multiprocessing module

· Using pools

· Alternatives to multiprogramming

17. Efficient Scripting

· Running external programs

· Parsing arguments

· Creating filters to read text files

· Logging

18. Serializing Data: XML, XPath, JSON, CSV

· About XML

· Normal Approaches to XML

· Which module to use?

· Getting Started With ElementTree

· How ElementTree Works

· Elements

· Creating a New XML Document

· Parsing An XML Document

· Navigating the XML Document

· Using XPath

· About JSON

· Reading JSON

· Writing JSON

· Customizing JSON

· Reading CSV data

· Nonstandard CSV

· Using csv.DictReader

· Writing CSV Data



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