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Course participant reviews for Speak by Design

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Luis, Global Consulting Firm
Thanks for the great training and learning experience! This is unique and the facilitators were so engaging over Zoom"
Caroline, Medical Device Company
The flexibility that Speak by Design immediately implemented over Zoom was both impressive and incredibly convenient.
Leticia, Global Consulting Firm
I liked the eye contact part, especially how to do it on Zoom
Nicolas, Global Consulting Firm
Very interesting and useful. I have so many ideas for how to design interesting virtual experiences.
Marta, Global Event Production Company
I was very impressed with the flow and quality of the session overall. It was very challenging but amazing!
Ivan, Global Consulting Firm
It was a great experience for these difficult days
Vanessa, Global Consulting Firm
It was super useful!! I am more excited about virtual meetings, workshops, and presentations.
Cristobal, Global Consulting Firm
Thanks for the great experience! Hopefully we can run our meetings in Zoom as well as you did!
Tola, Software Company
I've just been promoted to VP, and I give credit to Speak by Design’s coaching. I wouldn’t be here without it. Your services were well worth the investment!
Carlos, Global Consulting Firm
You have managed to make these courses incredibly dynamic and inspiring virtually
Raj, Global Technology Firm
This training helped add structure and a framework to real life work scenarios. I learned how to deliver a variety of news well and use all of our forms of communications, e.g., gestures, body language. Really impressed overall!
Rafael, Telecommunications Company
Speak by Design coaching helped me become more successful in my job and career, and enhanced my executive image and communication. I highly recommend Speak by Design for anybody interested in refining or improving presentation skills, verbal and body language communication and other soft skills (assertiveness, self-confidence, etc). Working with...
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Sheri, Food Manufacturing
Speak by Design was amazing to work with. My facilitator pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and I appreciate that so much. I still use the lessons and exercises I learned. I recommend Speak by Design whenever I have a friend who says they need coaching in this area. I consider them the gold standard.
Mary, Chief HR Officer, Global Management Strategy Firm
I recommend the Lead by Design program wholeheartedly. Speak by Design is exceptional at what they do and get great results. They balance the time with you very well between instruction, letting you practice, and giving feedback.
Mark, Director, Utility Company
I thought I would let you know that I nailed the presentation. I couldn’t have done this without your valuable help. I got specific feedback that my articulation was good, I crafted my speech well, and I presented well .... I sincerely appreciate you working with me and making an impact in such short period of time.
Guatam, Management Consulting Company
It has been my pleasure to work with Speak by Design on a number of occasions over the years. Active in business presentations both here and abroad, they have provided great insights to making them more effective, dynamic yet culturally sensitive.
Joelle, Hotel Management
The training far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the curriculum completely relevant to my needs, the enthusiasm and competence of my facilitator inspired me to adopt the lessons that I learned as part of my everyday life.
Alejandro, Management Consulting Company
The thing I liked best was observing my facilitator modeling good communication. I enjoyed listening to her questions and responses to when I talked. As a great communicator, she was able to reflect back to me a perspective that I could not see any other way.
Kody, Information Technology Consulting Firm
The Speak by Design team was great to work with. I left the training with more awareness around how I present myself, actionable recommendations for improvement, and templates to help me remember what I learned. I plan to continue to use Speak by Design to further my growth.
Federico, Multinational Food Manufacturing
Speak by Design continues to impress us with their ability to tailor education to our specific needs and establish a program that not only was very well received by the attendees but allowed them to take immediate steps towards improving their communication.
Rubiani, Management Consulting Firm
The communications training exceeded my expectations. The training was theoretical and practical, and was the perfect practice for work situations I was currently going through."
Caryn, Chemical Corporation
After my presentation, my colleagues were very congratulatory, and the customer thanked me for the remarks. The colleague, who had been in the presentation the day before, asked if I had any formal speaking training. I told him briefly what I had been doing with Speak by Design, and he said it has paid off. He also left a 5-minute voicemail of m...
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Joelle, Hotel Management
The series of classes far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the curriculum completely relevant to my needs, the enthusiasm and competence of my coach inspired me to adopt the lessons that I learned as part of my everyday life.
Mike, Investment Banking
I was very pleased with this experience. I feel that I am now more confident and polished in meetings and on calls.
Bart, French Multinational Professional Services and Business Corporation
I have attended a few executive presentation classes in the past and this was far the best one. I thought the content was truly holistic and covered more than just the obvious topics you would expect. For example, we not only discussed what type of clothes to wear and when, but also discussed the color of clothes (and what they say about you), t...
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